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Wedding Day Regrets

I want to tell my story about how we eloped, and how this has been one of my regrets.

I have been married for 15 years, but never had a wedding.

I was nearly 6 months pregnant with our eldest daughter, We were struggling financially when we signed on the dotted line, and we are both quite shy and introverted, and couldn't face being the centre of

attention, in front of family and friends.

We both felt pressured by my in-laws who are very religious, and kept harping…


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10 Essentials Tips For Brides at Their Wedding: Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best



It’s the day of your wedding, and the tips and advice you received from your mother, friends, and loved ones have paid off and you look and feel beautiful. Time has been spent arranging your hair just so,

making up your face perfectly, and getting you ready for your big day.

Many times, however, brides just consider the big picture – and often

forget how uncomfortable they may be during the ceremony or reception in

a hot, heavy dress with four-inch…


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