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Down Time

We all have it.  Hot lead becomes a cold one.  What do you do?  Couple of ideas on a two man crew is to focus on what matters the most.  For us, it will be photos.  From updating the website to pin pointing which online or print magazine to show it to.  That's not the case sometimes for us due to many distractions such as social media networking and other family events that we have to attend to.  Not that its not important but it can pull you in many different directions and lose focus on…


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A Year ago.

I am definitely enjoying what we do!  A year ago, we were the new kids on the block in terms of wedding photography.  Through word of mouth, social links, bridaltweet of course!, Facebook and Twitter we were able to establish that presence we need to showcase our work and be heard. 

Part of our success is determined how we can help future brides select the right photography package and giving them the full confidence that we will be there every moment until the day is over. …


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Being a photographer is a blessing.  Although tough times can actually break someone and look back if they made the right choice.


Success do happen, but not over night.  Which is true, no matter how you put things in perspective.  The past 10 years of my System Admin career was a blessing in disguise.  If it wasn't for the moment they needed a product photographer and web designer, I would have not thought in many years I would be in the professional photography industry. …


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Cathy and Anthony

Our wedding contestant winners.  Its in the making but we finally got their engagement pictures.  There was a point where I felt the pressure of closing down the business, but we were hopeful something good will happen.  They are heaven sent.

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Shadowing Rowell

When you are starting out as a wedding photographer, you have to know your way around. There are some techniques that you develop over time, as my friend Rowell would say this is an important part of being a wedding photographer, shadowing. I had the privilege of performing that last October with him and it was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time.

Needless to say I survived. Great communication with the bride and groom and of course… Continue

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Newly redesigned page

It took months to prepare, weeks to discuss, and days to set it up. Just recently done, well, not completely since our portfolio page is not done, and a couple. I plan on incorporating our pricing structure and other items that will make the site even more useful for everyone.

Feel free to comment. We welcome constructive criticism.

Check our our new page -

Site has the Thesis Framework,… Continue

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Contest.. Almost frustrated but feeling positive about the future outcome.

Having a contest is fun.. If someone is participating. It gets frustrating sometime that you can't reach a lot of people even though your market your self to the max.

Had an idea to partner with someone since I am giving away a free wedding photoshoot, but it seems that my contest has been a no show lately or not even a single inquiry. The idea since one lucky bride and groom will receive our basic wedding photography package is to have another vendor ready with their own giveaway or… Continue

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