Being a photographer is a blessing.  Although tough times can actually break someone and look back if they made the right choice.


Success do happen, but not over night.  Which is true, no matter how you put things in perspective.  The past 10 years of my System Admin career was a blessing in disguise.  If it wasn't for the moment they needed a product photographer and web designer, I would have not thought in many years I would be in the professional photography industry.  Its that moment where we all shine; we step up to the occasion and rise, enjoy, and master it.


I love making people laugh, i love how they remember all the good time and just being with us.  That's what we are as a person/business owner is all about.  Its not the name, it is the people, our clients, our friends; we are your friend that works for you to capture your magical moment, your candid moments, your time, You.


Every day I thank the Lord above of how lucky we are, how fortunate and blessed. But there are days that I thought of quitting because of no clients and everyone is playing the same tune, "the economy is down!. the economy is down!".  I beg to differ.  Success do happen, but not overnight.  It takes time for you to get your work remembered, takes time for everyone to notice...  It takes time.


While we are learning everyday on what works and what doesn't, we realize that the value that we are already making or the foot prints that we are leaving already have a bigger impact in the wedding community, photography community, and the rest of the world.  We stay quiet and rely on word of mouth.  Our photography speaks for itself. Our movement has begun.









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