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Have A Blessed Beach Wedding In Florida

Bride and Groom kiss by dunes in St. Augustine Beach, FL
Does a wedding ceremony have to be religious? Not at all, but you can incorporate some blessings into your…

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Beach Wedding Welcome: A Party You Can Be Proud Of

So you’re about to get married on the beach: a dream come true with your friends and family. They’ve likely traveled a bit to get to your destination wedding so why not put them at ease with a Beach Wedding Welcome Party before the special day? It’s a great way for everyone to relax, mix and mingle before you tie the knot. We know you haven’t had much stress…


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Tips for Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

What does a bride wear to a beach wedding? Whether you want to feel like a Mermaid Princess or walk the aisle in a vintage BoHo dress, here are 5 tips for choosing a beach wedding dress. Our very own Florida Beach Weddings brides are showcased below in a variety of styles so that you can see what they chose for their ceremonies. We start with our bride from her …


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Quick Guide: Beach Micro-Weddings Made Easy

In 2020, the one thing COVID-19 hasn’t canceled is love. The micro-wedding trend that we blogged about earlier this year continues to pick up steam and will likely continue to grow as social distancing practices continue. Less than 50 guests, and more often 20, seems to be the new normal for weddings. On the Florida beaches, wedding ceremonies continue and your guests can feel comfortable attending an outdoor wedding. The bride and groom can save…


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Five Tips to Find Your Perfect Summer Beach Wedding Dress

Summer beach weddings just have something relaxing, intimate, and beautiful about them. And your beach wedding dress should be no exception to the relaxation, intimacy, and beauty of the day! So let’s talk dresses! Now consider a wedding dress store. And imagine, for a minute, all the dresses are applicants, vying for your purchase. You announce, “Now accepting wedding dresses to wear on the beach resumes!”…


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How To Stay Cool At A Summer Beach Wedding

 Blue Daytona Beach Weddings with flower petals and black bamboo canopy Our Florida Beach Weddings company is now preparing to resume beach wedding ceremonies this summer! So time to get ready to be married in the sun and sea! Florida basically has two seasons. 1.Summer  2. The rest of the year! Most of the year the weather is beautiful for an outdoor wedding and the…


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