Five Tips to Find Your Perfect Summer Beach Wedding Dress

Summer beach weddings just have something relaxing, intimate, and beautiful about them. And your beach wedding dress should be no exception to the relaxation, intimacy, and beauty of the day! So let’s talk dresses! Now consider a wedding dress store. And imagine, for a minute, all the dresses are applicants, vying for your purchase. You announce, “Now accepting wedding dresses to wear on the beach resumes!” And just like a job search, you can quickly eliminate those which aren’t even in the same field. Royally heavy-weighted thick gowns- goodbye! Hello light, breathable fabrics. But just how do you narrow down the choices and find a stunning, yet practical beach wedding dress? Read on summer bride, read on!

Choosing the Perfect Summer Beach Wedding Dress

1.Your Style 

Whether the thermometer reads 56 or 86, you don’t have to sacrifice your own personal style when choosing a dress. So even though breezy, flowing, bohemian wedding vibes may be the beach’s love language, you can still rock your girly girl sparkle, rhinestone, or otherwise lavish style. Think about if you gravitate towards a boho driftwood beach wedding, or mermaid, or classic and elegant…or maybe you just don’t really have a “style,” you just want to look good! At least have an idea of what you like. Browse photos to eliminate some definite no-go’s. Then when you walk into a bridal gown store, you have a great starting point. You can also check out our Facebook page to view photos from previous seaside weddings to get some style inspiration! 

2. Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric is absolutely key to finding the perfect beach wedding dress. Remember when you are in the store, it’s nice and air conditioned. The beach, even if there is a breeze it may not so cool! The best fabric options for a  breathable summer wedding are chiffon (shown below from Amazon for $105), cotton blends, tulle, or organza. Silk and satin are very heavy and hot. Charmeuse looks lovely in the magazine, but be aware that every flaw will be revealed. Remember the sea breeze we mentioned? Remember this to avoid a wardrobe malfunction with your dress blowing up and revealing too much, so choose your fabric carefully. 

Chiffon beach wedding dress from Amazon

3. Budget

Check out local wedding stores and don’t be afraid to buy off the rack. You can save hundreds buying a sale dress and even if the size isn’t a perfect match, a professional seamstress can fix that seamlessly! Other money saving tips include checking out local swip swap Facebook groups, Craigslist, and there’s a great selection of non-traditional type wedding dresses at Rent the Runway. If you’ve saved some money on a cheap beach wedding package then you can decide to spend more on your wedding dress, or for bridal jewelry to complete your look like Kenya, below, who had her wedding on the beach in St. Augustine

African American bride on St. Augustine Beach, FL

4. Trial 

Sometime between purchasing your dress and walking the aisle, try your dress on and go outside. The natural sunlight may EXPOSE some otherwise unseen features when inside. Don’t skimp on skivvies!  Invest in some nice no show, nude, seamless undergarments and make sure you can move about freely without anything shifting, sliding, or falling! You may have decided to go for a long dress, and end up with a shorter one…or vice versa. Does the dress enhance your skin tone or do you want something with color in it? Your dress does NOT have to be white: see our bride Liliana below. You have chosen an outdoor wedding in the sand and sea, so it is critical to see your look outside the artificial store lighting.

Bride in peach wedding dress married on the beach

5. I Do!

You’ve said yes to the proposal, yes to the dress, now it’s time to say “I do!” Make sure you have packed your wedding dress for travel with a steam iron for your special day. Click here to check out our affordable package and location options. Maybe you’ve got your dress and you’re ready to pack your bags and elope! Read our post to see if a beach elopement is right for you! It was perfect for Deborah and Richard in St. Augustine below.

Older couple married on St. Augustine Beach

Find out more about our beach wedding packages. We travel to your chosen location.

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