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Bridal Makeup for the Mature Bride

The key to achieving a beautiful bridal glow no matter what your age is to understand how to bring out your best features with makeup and play down the features you aren't as keen on.

Tip 1: It's true when they say…


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The Budget-Friendly Bridal Makeup and Hair Artist - What They Aren't Telling You

During our 2012 wedding season we received many last minute calls from flustered brides in a desperate attempt to replace the makeup and hair artist they had originally booked services with.  Now, this type of thing happens every year, it's not new.  What was new this year, at least for us here, is that it happened more frequently than any of the previous years.  I heard…


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Booking Wedding Makeup and Hair - The Truth About Timelines

Planning a wedding takes some serious organization and preparation. Every vendor you'll be speaking to will have a different point of view as to when you should be booking their services. Today, I'm going to cover the true facts about timelines for booking your wedding day makeup and hair.

The reality is a lot of couples get married during the…


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3 Tips - Talking To Your Bridesmaids About Makeup and Hair Requirements

You've already decided your style of gown, your chosen colour theme, how you want your hair and makeup to look on your wedding day but what about your bridesmaid's? Of course you want your bridesmaid's to be happy with whatever style of gown you choose for them. It's also really important to get their input on makeup and hair requirements too. But in the end, it's your big day…


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Bridal Makeup Artists - Does Experienced mean Expensive

You've heard the old sayings "you get what you pay for" and "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys" but do these sayings hold true when it comes to hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day?

And if yes, does "experienced" mean higher priced?

Undoubtedly, yes (in most cases) it does. When it comes to choosing a bridal makeup artist…


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The Role of a Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day  Just like your wedding planner, your photographer and your florist, your makeup artist plays an important role on your wedding day.

The relationship you have with your chosen makeup artist should begin the moment you contact him or her. An established and experienced makeup artist will know…


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2012 Weddings and Off Season Weddings - Plan Ahead and Save!

My bridal makeup and hair prices will be rising soon. You can book now and save on your 2012 wedding!

This is how it works...

Book your 2012 wedding day makeup and hair services with an award winning makeup artist and hair stylist before October 31, 2011 and you'll pay 2011 prices!

Imagine how relaxed you'll be feeling after you've…


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Get Your Bridal Skin Looking It's Best In 3 Months

The 5 steps you need to do every day:

1. Cleanse every morning and every evening. Without exception. Never ever ever go to bed with your makeup on.

Vicki's tip: Consider purchasing a Clarisonic - it's an amazing machine for cleaning your face.

2. Exfoliate 1 - 3 times per week. Use a mild exfoliate and adjust the frequency based on how your skin reacts. For example, very dry skin need only exfoliate… Continue

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Dramatic Smoky Eyes for Brides

The smoky eye has always been and will always be a big favourite among many of my client’s; including various photographers I work with on a regular basis. What is not always understood is that a beautiful smoky eye can be in almost any colour. For example, mauves look incredible on green eyes and browns and bronzes on blue eyes. It’s really the process of applying the shadow and liner (if used) that creates the smoky eyed look. One of my mentor’s,… Continue

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What makes me different from the rest?


I take time to properly understand your requirements and offer practical, helpful, suggestions where appropriate to enhance your look. I use my unique experience across age ranges, skin types and cultures specifically for your benefit and to ensure that you are happy with the result.

Outstanding Customer…


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