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The Budget-Friendly Bridal Makeup and Hair Artist - What They Aren't Telling You

During our 2012 wedding season we received many last minute calls from flustered brides in a desperate attempt to replace the makeup and hair artist they had originally booked services with.  Now, this type of thing happens every year, it's not new.  What was new this year, at least for us here, is that it happened more frequently than any of the previous years.  I heard several different stories from disappointed brides.  Below I've listed the main reasons things went 'pear shaped' and why this year we ended up receiving so many last minute frantic calls.

1. At the trial, the makeup and hair artist didn't give the results they were expecting. Furthermore, they were not clean, they were not prepared and their work did not compare to the work seen on their website. (this is typical in the industry as many 'hobbyists' tend to steal others work and claim it as their own)  The money spent on trials was lost.

2. The makeup and hair artist did not show up for the trial and never explained why - money was lost and the artist went into "hiding." 

3. The makeup artists cancelled within a couple of weeks of the wedding with no explanation. Partial money was returned in some cases but most monies were lost.

4. The makeup and hair salon overbooked and called to cancel with no suitable alternative.  Money was returned but bride and bridesmaid's were left to scramble a couple of weeks before the wedding.

The one consistent and overwhelming piece of information we heard over and over again from brides when we asked "why did you book your services with this person/salon/team" was "they were less expensive so that's why we booked him or her" or "my bridesmaid's didn't want to pay the extra for a seasoned pro so I went with who they picked." - usually the cheapest they found on google!

If you take note of the reasons why things went so badly, you will note in most cases money was lost so therefore booking with the 'budget artist' ended up being a false economy. 

What is shocking to me is that any business would treat a client (especially a bride!) with such disrespect but sadly it happens a lot and during economic tough times it happens more often. Everyone is looking for a "deal" - a way to cut expenses and there are vendors out there that will take advantage of this and you need to be aware of it.  "In demand" professionals, whether they be a wedding photographer, florist or makeup and hair artist price themselves accordingly and for good reason. They deliver. No headaches.  Exceptional service at the right price.

When times are tough it's important to be realistic about your budget. We cannot afford to be careless with our money so my advice is simple.  Be sure you make the right decisions with your vendors. Do your research, ask questions, expect good service for good money and please remember, if it looks too good to be true, it most likely is!

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