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Dresses Every Woman Should Own [Infographic]

There are certain dresses every woman should own. Dresses are essential for moments you may not even realize. This infographic, created by Belle Love Clothing, revolves around 7 essential dresses for women. Whether you're going out with the girls, heading to a meeting or leaving for vacation, these seven dresses will never let you down.…


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How to Choose The Best Designer Salwar Kameez

Indian ethnic wear comes in numerous range and styles. Special mention needs to be made of salwar kameez in this regard. This Indian outfit is a most wanted with women in all age groups. Whether you are a college goer, a school student, an agency goer or a housewife – this costume is in style with all women similarly. Right from plain, usual salwar suits to heavily embroidered…


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A Guide to Perfect Engagement Ring for Every Bride

As you say I do, the world looks magical. After all, it is the journey of two partners in crime making it more adventurous, loving and together for life. Yes, love has the power to fight all the odds and let you go shiny and sparkling every time. Well, in this life expedition after saying one yes, saying yes to that brightening statement jewellery that depicts your love is same heights crucial. Aww, a sparkling diamond ring that is going to rest on your left-hand finger is a Big Deal. You…


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All About High Heels – Why We Not Need To Wear High Heels

Not every woman can pull off the sheets of an ideal diva, there are many who can flaunt the same with the shoes of comfort. After all, you cannot live your life in heels, and if you can then be ready for the repercussions it throws back to you.…


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Trendy Lehenga Colours for Brides [Infographic]

Turn the heads and steal the show by choosing the trendy lehenga colours and matching accessories. Get some amazing bridal wear ideas from this infographic.

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Beautiful Apparels to Delight Her [Infographic]

Anarkali suits are gaining immense popularity with Indian women for casual occasions as well as for parties, weddings and receptions. These suits have a royal touch and make you look elegant and grand. This infographic, created by Khwaab, revolves around beautiful apparels to delight her.…


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Wedding Jewellery Buying Tips [Infographic]

You can find lots of jewellery ideas online and also you can take suggestion from close friends and family members. Often we see that brides don’t give much attention to small accessories and their bridal jewellery conflict with the wedding dress. But you should keep these things in mind because right set of jewellery will not only help you in highlighting your wedding outfit but at the same time it will make your more confident.



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Ethnic Dressing Styles for Different Occasions [Infographic]

Self-belief is necessary if you want to reach big. In today’s world, your dress style makes you positive and go getter. Your fashion statement adds to your community figure. Different outfits are there for each event depending upon the theme such as anarkali suit for twilight parties and salwar kameez for executive use.

Below infographic shows you the different outfits appropriate for a variety of occasions. Check out this remarkable infographic from …


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Stunning Dresses for Valentine’s Day [Infographic]

Choose the perfect Indian ethnic wear for this Valentine’s Day and make a style statement. Here is the stunning collection of dresses for Valentine’s Day.

Just browse through MissteeQ Online and pick the dress you love the most. You can also enjoy the benefits of ongoing offers and discounts.…


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Ultimate Anarkali Suits Buying Guide

The following infographic, created by MissteeQ Online, to get a better perspective about the Ultimate Anarkali Suits Buying Guide.

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Types of Women Shoes

Shoes for women are available in different styles. We are living in the age of internet where shopping for your favorite shoes is just a matter of few clicks. The infographic below, created by Cocorose London, revolves around the types of shoes. Browse through our collection of foldable ballet pumps today!…


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Different Types of Rings [Infographic]

There are many different types of rings that are worn widely today. A ring can be made of metals like gold, silver or platinum and it can have diamond or any other stone as a center stone. Every culture and religion has its own significance of wedding and engagement rings. Rings are often given as a gift to loved one to show respect and love. As we all know women love diamond jewellery so giving a diamond ring to a woman can make her feel special and loved.

Below infographic, created…


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How Do Diamonds Form? Check Out the Infographic Here

Diamonds are used in many industrial applications and they are used for scientific experiments too. Diamonds formed in the earth from 1 billion years to 3 billion years ago. This infographic, brought to you by AG & Sons, highlights the journey of diamonds.…


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21 Dupatta Draping Styles in 2016 [Infographic]

The Dupatta includes a lot to your outfit and the manner the dupatta is draped can transform the look totally. Go through this infographic, presented by MissteeQ Online, and get to know about 21 dupatta draping styles.…


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Common Bridal Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This infographic, brought to you Ag & Sons, revolves around 10 common bridal jewellery mistakes and tips to avoid them.

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Foot Care and Shoe Accessories

Everyone wants to have beautiful feet but unfortunately we don’t get much time to take care of our feet.  By using the right foot accessories you can easily keep your feet soft and strong.

This infographic, brought to you by Cocorose London, revolves around foot care tips and foot accessories.…


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Designer Lenghas for Women on this Diwali

Lengha also pronounced as ‘Lehnga’, is one of the most eye-catching off all Indian ethnic wear. The Lengha  is considered to be a beautiful and elegant Indian trend. The hottest trends in Indian ethic wear today are short Cholis with Ghagras, that have intricate embroidery. Take a look at Missteeq Online's amazing collection of designer Lengha styles for you this Diwali!…


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Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Men’s And Women’s Diamond Bracelets

If you are interested in buying women’s and mens bracelets in Melbourne, it’s important to ensure that you’re making the right choice. This will ensure that the piece you ultimately buy is something you will wear often, as well as ensure that it suits your personality. We have…


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Top 10 Wedding Apps

Wedding apps are quite popular these days among Smartphone users.  You are probably familiar with all the hard work and planning, if you have been involved in a wedding ever. To throw a dream wedding event, there are lots of tasks which need to be completed on time strategically. But now with the help of popular wedding apps you can manage your wedding like a pro.

Go through this infographic, created by Khwaab London, and get to know about…


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Tips to Choose Custom Engagement Ring [infographic]

3 out of 5 couples are choosing custom made engagement ring.

41% of the couples either fully design their rings with the jeweller or put in some custom elements to a offered design.

86 percent of the brides assume that the design of the ring is most significant and only 47 percent of them rate the size of the diamond as a “somewhat key attribute.”

This infographic, created by AG and Sons, highlights the tips to consider while…


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