A Guide to Perfect Engagement Ring for Every Bride

As you say I do, the world looks magical. After all, it is the journey of two partners in crime making it more adventurous, loving and together for life. Yes, love has the power to fight all the odds and let you go shiny and sparkling every time. Well, in this life expedition after saying one yes, saying yes to that brightening statement jewellery that depicts your love is same heights crucial. Aww, a sparkling diamond ring that is going to rest on your left-hand finger is a Big Deal. You cannot let go of it with that anyway random piece of a ring. So, we tell you some easy tips and tricks that help you in selecting that very essential piece of diamond dancing on your fingers all through your life:

1.    Does it match with your style?

Solitaire engagement rings are a delight to have. But it is not necessary that a solitaire comes out as your love. It could be an eternity ring or any simple love band that may impress you. It's the signature style that you carry and a ring is no exception. Match your style with that engagement ring and be sure that it goes hand in hand. After all, you don’t want any oddball coming and peeping in your style.

2.    Does your chosen ring matches with your type?

The market is flooded with all the cuts and shapes that get your fancy. But hey, do you know what your type is? Have a look at all the shapes and cuts and the one catches your eyes is your ONE. When you actually look at different rings in person you get to know how they all actually look on your fingers. There is always something for someone. So, go ahead and get your scoop.

3.    Are you shopping alone or with your partner?

The combo of two is always better than one plain stuff. Same ways, taking your partner along who is the biggest addition in your life is a super good idea. What when you have apprehensions about that ring and your partner quickly sorts it out just like he solves all the major problems in your life? You may go for window shopping together to places and when you find one, hey you have the most important person of your life along. Crack the deal.

4.    Are you going beyond budget?

No matter what, budget shopping is always a good idea. When you shop engagement rings, there is always a budget set in your mind. Discuss with the partner about the budget and if there are any chances to go over budget. Marking your budget before the store person also helps in getting the right piece more quickly.

5.    Are you shopping without considering your lifestyle?

Shopping ring always has to do with the lifestyle you are in. Ask questions to yourself whether you are going to wear the ring every day? If you have a job that requires more of manual activities then it is better to wear it occasionally. If you are into sports, a love band is a more convenient option. It is always important that ring shopping should go with proper time investment. Look around and research like you do for all the important things in life.

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