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A Wedding Cocktail Bouquet. The most unique wedding trend ever?

Daring to step out of the box is a step only a bold, edgy bride can take! 

If you’re sitting on the fence and still not sure whether a wedding cocktail bouquet is a risk you’re willing to take, chances are you’re better…


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Sitting or Standing What Cocktail Reception is right for my wedding?

You can have the best of both worlds! 

Cocktails are likely to make a significant difference to your reception if the cocktail glasses are placed on your wedding tables or for a reception where guests are standing the guests are not made to queue at a bar. 

Sitting or standing adding the services of waiters and mixologists serving and adding…


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What is the right Sweet Cocktails bouquet for my wedding?

Who knows your wedding guests better than you? 
 How many wedding cocktail servings are served and when is now up to you!. 
After all it's your big day, you're allowed. …

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Do you have a wonderful wedding vision?

It may help to bounce your vision with us to ensure your wedding cocktail bouquet is more likely to make your vision a reality. 

Remember while your vision needs impress, your vision also needs to be practical,,,
Bounce some ideas, introduce us to your wedding team and let us also make some recommendations to you,…

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Am I a Coupe or Martini Glass Bride? Audrey Hepburn Hollywood vision is now a reality.

Coupe or martini wedding cocktail glass,,,  what best reflects me and my wedding?…


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Am I Open To New Wedding Trends?

It can be extremely challenging for any bride that has built up their wedding day theme vision from scratch to then opt to what's trending, after all it’s far easier to stay within your comfort zone, copying idea's from other weddings. …


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Am I ready to make a Wedding Cocktail Bouquet commitment?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to engaging Cocktails as part of your special day. 
Am I my ready to make the commitment? 
Why should I include Cocktails, Am I ready for the commitment? The mind boggles.
So in order to help any 'bride', groom or couple who is currently considering cocktails for their wedding. Here are some questions that may help every bride before choosing their Wedding…

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