What is the right Sweet Cocktails bouquet for my wedding?

Who knows your wedding guests better than you? 
 How many wedding cocktail servings are served and when is now up to you!. 
After all it's your big day, you're allowed. 
It's far easier to pace your wedding guest cocktail balance time ratio from the comfort of your own home.
Spare a thought for the person behind the bar, it's far easier for them to pour cocktails straight to glass from Sweet Cocktail flagons at your wedding table 6 servings at a time, than it is making individual cocktail servings from scratch one at a time.. 
Before, Sweet Cocktails, everything depended on how many wedding guests and how much these guests would like to drink.
Trying to persuade your wedding guests on how much to drink would drive any bride in to distraction ,,, we have the answer, so take a breath. 
Consider what's right for your wedding guests from the comfort of your own home and get in touch. 
Once you've chosen your wedding cocktail bouquet, you can then ponder when they should be served on your wedding tables and any other finer details.
Sweet Cocktails flagons are specifically handmade and batched especial for your wedding, so as soon as you know your wedding date and approximately how many guests, please get in touch.
Let us help you choose your wedding cocktail bouquet
Share your wedding cocktail vision with us

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