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4 BIG Reasons Your Ideal Bride Isn’t Choosing You


Wedding Professionals:

First, I'd like to welcome the surge of wedding professionals that recently joined BridalTweet.  We now have a total of 14,000 members!  I'm constantly inspired by all of your energy and contributions here at BridalTweet.  For those of you who are new to our wedding community, here are just a few of the free ways that you can use BridalTweet to grow your wedding business.  And I hope you enjoy this weekly blog where I share free wedding marketing advice... 


It's a fact - there are countless wedding professionals in our industry.  So, how do you stand out?  And how do you stand out to the people that matter most – to your ideal brides?  Here are four big reasons why you may not be chosen as often as you deserve to be: 

  1. You're targeting EVERYONE.  Saying that you want to be able to serve “all brides” will actually reduce the number of brides who will be interested in your services.  So, start to list all of the features and benefits that you offer.  Then, choose the audience that will see the greatest value in your service, and focus ONLY on them.
  2. You're targeting the wrong bride. If you already have a few happy, profitable customers, then learn more about them.  Ask them questions about what made them choose you. Understanding this information will help you to focus and to target similar customers in the future.
  3. You aren’t speaking to your ideal bride.  Be sure that your marketing speaks in a real and personable voice (just like I’m doing in this blog!).  Effective marketing is conversational.  Speak and write in a way that says that you know and understand what your customers’ needs are.  After all, brides will choose vendors who they connect with and who think they can get along with on their wedding day.
  4. You aren’t telling your ideal bride why she should choose you.  Be sure to communicate exactly what sets you apart from other wedding professionals. Write a blog that outlines the 3 reasons that you are the right choice for your ideal bride.  Keep repeating those points in your marketing materials. It may sound sale-sy to you, but your customers will appreciate it.


Which of these reasons are holding brides back from choosing you?  Once you isolate those reasons, you can begin to work on them and in turn, expand your customer base. What tips can you share with our wedding community about selling to your ideal bride?


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About This Blog: Christine Dyer is the Creator and Founder of BridalTweet. Christine has an MBA in marketing and shares over twelve years of marketing expertise with the wedding community. In this weekly blog, you'll find advice on an array of wedding business topics such as how to market to brides, social networking, wedding PR, wedding sales, vendor networking, branding, pricing and much more. Please pass this news along to your own professional wedding network. To receive this advice in your email inbox each week, Sign Up for a Free BridalTweet Membership.

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Comment by Reel Life Photos on November 29, 2011 at 1:04pm

Excellent  advice Christine! Thinking you can be all things to everyone, may sound like you are trying very hard to please, but in the end, as you say, you will probably alienate the very people you would really enjoy photograph - the ones that share your values and personality.  Our brides usually tell us they chose Reel Life Photos as the site sounds really friendly,  so expressing yourself as if you are actually talking  to a real person works!  Now I know why we get such kind and caring brides! xx

Comment by Michelle Garibay on November 29, 2011 at 2:56pm

Very helpful advice!  I've always asked for reviews from past clients, but never aasked them to specifically indicate WHY they chose me.  I will certainly be adding that to my request!  Thank you!

Comment by Lequisha Smith on November 30, 2011 at 12:46am

Chrissy, your information is always helpful to me. Please continue to remind me of business tips that I already know, and inform me of business tips that I never thought about or have been mind boggled on "how to" for the longest (lol). I take all of your advice and run with it, you have made me grow and work even harder as an entrepreneur. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this free to me and for that I appreciate it you.



Comment by Suzanne Ryles on December 2, 2011 at 1:37am

This is perfect timing as I just lost a wedding as they chose another planner and the reason was that they wanted a more structured feel...Any thoughts...

Comment by Balibridengroom on December 5, 2011 at 6:59pm

A very helpful article - thank you Christie. 

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