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In a world that still recognizes the tremendous power of nature, many couples are choosing to have elements of their wedding celebrations outdoors. They may elect to plan the ceremony in an outdoor space, or they might want to invite guests into a luscious landscape for cocktail hour. Other couples wish to have their photos taken outside. As thus, knowing tips for outdoor wedding photo shoots is imperative.

Book Your Locale

You might think that you can just take pictures wherever on your wedding day, but this train of thought might lead to disappointment during your nuptial celebration. For example, you may envision you, your spouse and your bridal party headed over to the local park in between the ceremony and the reception to take some photos. However, when you arrive, you may discover that you needed permits in order to have the photo shoot. Take the time to look into regulations, permit requirements and so forth now to ensure that nothing goes awry on the day of your wedding.

Adapt to the Terrain

If you've ever tried to walk in mud or sand with heels on, you probably know the problems that such an action creates. Instead of asking your bridal party to suffer through terrible terrain, take some steps now to deal with this issue. You could offer suitable walking shoes to your bridesmaids, or you could find out if alterations are available. For example, if you want to take pictures near the shore, find out if you can all be driven down to the water so that you don't have to walk in the hand.

Control the Lighting

While you certainly cannot control the sun or lack thereof on your wedding day, you can control where you stand in comparison to the sun. The best way to approach this situation is to speak with your photographer. If you hire a photographer who is proficient in taking outdoor wedding shoots, this individual likely already knows the information that you seek. While you do want the sun to highlight the photos, you also don't want it to ruin them. Working with an expert ensures that you will get the best possible pictures in the location.

Source: A Day to Adore

Expect the Worst

When you are thinking about your outdoor wedding photo shoot, you probably aren't picturing a blizzard coming down or a beach that is closed due to dangerous waves. However, you need to plan for these situations. You can hope that the weather is stunning and beautiful, but if you expect that it won't be, then you properly prepare. In other words, you should definitely have a back-up plan in the event that the weather does not turn out how you want it to. You should talk with your photographer about ways that you could still get the pictures that you want.

Stay Reasonable

If you are planning to get married in the middle of the winter, you should revisit your idea of asking the entire bridal party to stand outside for hours to get in the pictures that you want. When you really want the natural world to play a large part in your wedding day, you should take into account what the usual weather conditions are during that time of the year. Another option is to book your wedding based around the weather. While you certainly cannot predict what the weather is going to be exactly at any point, it's unlikely that you are going to have bright red and orange leaves casually blowing off of the trees in the middle of June.

Use Nature

As you are preparing for your outdoor wedding shoot, you might think about a host of expensive props and items that you could bring to decorate the space. Before you waste your money on these items, consider using flowers and nature. When you choose a truly beautiful space, you do not have to bring any additional items with you to the photo shoot; you can just use what is around you. Take the time to think about why you want to have your pictures taken outside in the first place. Chances are that you will realize why it is a good idea to use what nature has to offer.

Bring Water

Regardless of the time of the year, you might be asking your bridal party to hike through difficult grounds or to spend a decent amount of time outside. While you may so excited that you forget about the discomfort associated with some of these actions, your bridal party members are not exactly feeling the same. You do not want anyone to feel discomfort, and you definitely do not want your loved ones to become dehydrated. Make sure that you bring plenty of bottled water with you to the photo shoot to hydrate everyone.

Source: Huffpost

Bring Hairspray

When you think about the various weather conditions that could ruin your hairstyle, you will probably realize how many opportunities exist for problems. A windy day could leave your smooth locks with fly-aways, and heat and humidity could create some major problems with frizz or curls that fall flat. When you are working with your hairstylist for a trial, talk about your plans for the outdoor photo shoot. This individual can likely provide you with some tips and some products to use to prevent issues from occurring. In fact, you may even decide to hire both your hair stylist and makeup artist to come with you to the photo shoot so that they can help everyone to fix their hair and makeup after the pictures.

Enjoy Yourself

On the day of your wedding, you might feel a little bit nervous and stressed. Try to reduce these feelings so that you can enjoy this day. If you have decided to take your pictures outside, you probably like being in nature, and you may even find that spending time outside helps you to relax. Allow these feelings to flow free on your wedding day for stunning, natural photos.

An outdoor wedding photo shoot is a great way to get gorgeous pictures and to express your love for nature. These tips can make the session even more productive.

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