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10 Crafty Ways to make your DIY Wedding Invite Extra Special

I don’t know about you, but my heart skips a beat whenever I receive a wedding invite. Whether it’s through email invites, snail mail or hand-delivered, there’s always that unique sense of excitement that we feel every time we receive one. Plus, it is our ultimate desire that our very own wedding invitations be as special –if not extra! That is why we’ve rounded-up 10 Crafty Ways to make your DIY Wedding Invite Extra Special.

1 Start with a Unique Design Concept


Every gorgeous wedding invite starts off with a unique design idea from an interesting concept. And nothing takes DIY wedding invite designs to a whole new level than a unique wedding theme! It is undoubtedly the easiest way to add that WOW factor that we so eagerly desire. The most popular themes are based on fairytales, cartoons, destinations, and of course romantic movies.


2 Skip Paper and Opt for a Different Material


Skip the traditional paper invite and make your wedding invitation extra fancy by opting for a different material for your canvass. You could either go for glass, plastic, cardboard or even wood. Yes! There are tons of options for you to choose from. You could also layer different types of materials to make it extra decorative. It’s just a matter of how you want to incorporate your wedding theme and of course your budget.


3 Play with Shapes and Colors


Now that you have selected your desired theme and material for your wedding invite, let’s step it up a notch and go into specifics. Play with shapes that heavily influence your design scheme and pair it with the perfect color palette to match.


4 Calligraphy Pairs


What better way to give off a first impression than a cool calligraphy font that looks so elegant and trendy. Step it up a notch and add another font to highlight the already distinct text. These are called calligraphy pairs that are widely used by famous invitation makers which you can now DIY!


5 There’s always room for a Twist!


 Basic wedding invites are already boring for most people and adding a creative twist to it makes it fresh and interesting! An easy way to add excitement to your invites is to add a hidden message where your guests can decode. By utilizing different colored inks printed over each other and a handy cellophane which serves as the decoder to reveal the hidden print. This is a perfect twist for couples who want something different yet exciting.


6 Add Humour to your Invite


Invites that include a community joke or a wedding meme will surely get your guests giggling with excitement! These Humour Invites are trending enough to have its own social media following and now getting a lot of couples fascinated by the idea.


7 Seal it with Wax


For those who want to push the limit for elegance then this option is for you! Have your wedding invite sealed with wax and stamp it with your very own design. This not only makes it extra personal but boy does it make one fancy invite!


8 Include a Google Map Tag


If you’re planning to have a destination wedding and would love to invite a ton of guests from different places then having a Google Map Tag inscribed in your invite would come in handy. Your guests can look up the tag through any web browser and easily find the location of your wedding as well as the means to get there. You can easily set up a Google Map Tag for your event through these simple steps.


9 Make it Magnetic!


Another quirky add-on to your wedding invite is magnets. Yes, magnets! Make your wedding invite magnetic so your guests can stick them on their fridge or calendar and help them be reminded or your upcoming wedding day.


10 Make it Glow in the Dark


Best for dark-themed weddings, glow-in-the-dark invites are so cool that your guests will surely WOW in this peculiar idea. Not only does this make your message visible at pitch darkness but believe me- their faces will literally light up with excitement!

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