Must Avoid Wedding Mistakes Of 2019

Of the many important events in anyone's life, marriage ranks high for those who care. Many invest a lot in it because they hold it in high esteem. Not only do they put their financial resources into it but also, they commit a lot of their productive time and not theirs alone but that of friends, family and loved ones.

Sometimes, after all these commitments, many people are not in high spirits and are left unsatisfied about how their wedding looked like, maybe because they were not careful to put some things in place. Let us consider some of the mistakes to avoid if you want a classic wedding befitting of the 21st century.

Lopsided/One-Sided Planning

One of the greatest wedding mistakes people commonly make is to sideline certain planning elements. A wedding is a two-family thing. The planning, preparation, and arrangement of events at the ceremony must be mutually executed. This mistake is evident even in this present age.

Most couples are at loggerheads after their wedding ceremony because one party's family or friends were inadequately catered for. This can be avoided if all sides involved plan together. Otherwise, you will be planning a pool party for a hydrophobic spouse's family and friends.

Creating guests list before the budget

Who does this in the 21st century! Unfortunately, this is what has been observed in recent times. Many are oblivion of the fact that inviting guests to your wedding is synonymous to taking them out to a very exclusive restaurant for dinner.

As such, make adequate research on venue, catering and even wedding car hire costs. Once you can sufficiently evaluate your costs, then you can go ahead to compile your guest list. Before sending the word out, count your cost. Remember, you cut your coat according to your size.

Proactive Checkouts

I do not mind if you call it a pre-wedding trial or survey, but I want you to know its importance is unquantifiable. Check out that reception venue before the wedding day. Does it have the necessary facilities? Let your makeup artist try out something on you before the wedding day. Have a trial hairdo. Take time to visit your photographer and have him give you shots. Failure to do these may result in uncertainties which I know you want to avoid.

Neglecting classic magical trends

Of course, this is 2019, go for chic. Some things trended in the early millennium but not anymore. Avoid the mistake of bringing in those things that are out of trend.  Monochromatic bridesmaid dresses used to be the trend, but not anymore. Big bouquets usage used to be a thing, but now, times have changed.

Let your floral be infused with hydrangea, peony, calla lily and other in-vogue flowers because succulents and cacti are no longer trending. Also, you may not need to toss flowers – be creative. Your single girlfriends are definitely swiping through their phones searching for perfect gentleman rather than crossing their fingers to catch a bunch of budding. In short, make everything about your wedding classy.

PRO vs Friends

They are called Professionals because of what they bring to the table and their past achievements. Many try to reduce cost by hiring their friends instead of a professional who can do the job well. It is okay if your friend is a professional - but trust me, he/she should not be the one for the job.

Imagine you hired your friend to capture events at your wedding and he missed some important shots because he had to attend to some other things. Of course, he is your friend and he did most of the planning with you and so he is needed almost everywhere at the party. Engage professionals that will make the time of every guest worthwhile and make your spending count.

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