How To Write Warm And Unique Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is the formal introduction to your impending nuptials. In many situations, the arrival of personalised wedding invitations in the post is how most guests initially hear of your wedding plans. To create the perfect presentation, it’s important to write warm and unique wedding invitations that capture and reflect the love and romance of your relationship.

The Style

Although writing personalised wedding invitations can seem a little daunting – as you’ll want to make sure that every detail is absolutely spot on – there’s really no need to get into a fluster about putting pen to paper. The formal or informal style of your wedding, and your colour theme, will assist you in choosing the perfect design, font and wording of the invitations. It’s also helpful if you do some research to gain insight on the correct wedding invitations etiquette to follow. For a traditional wedding it’s appropriate to use language that is formal in style. A modern/casual wedding allows you more scope and freedom in expressing yourself.           

The Essentials

No matter whether you’re getting wed in a church, cathedral, register office or an alternative venue, there are a number of essential things that must be referenced and included in your personalised wedding invitations.

Your wedding invitation must highlight the specific part of the day that the invitation covers – is your guest invited to witness you tying the knot AND to the wedding reception, or just to the evening event?

The location name and address for the ceremony and reception venues must clearly be shown on the invitation. Without these details your guests won’t know where to find you on your wedding day. You can provide the details of the wedding reception on a separate card that can be inserted into the same envelope as your wedding invitation.

The date and the time of the wedding are equally crucial. Make sure that you indicate that prompt arrival is mandatory.

The RSVP information should include details of where the reply should be sent. This can be your home address, or an email address if you prefer to go paperless.

Allow guests a maximum 4-week window, before the wedding, in which to respond to the RSVP. You need sufficient time to let the wedding venue and vendors know of the final guest numbers.

The Personal Touch

The best part of a personalised wedding invitation is undoubtedly the personal stuff. Once you’ve chosen the perfect wedding invitations you can get creative and inventive with your wording.

Although you will need to stick to the formal wedding etiquette for a traditional wedding, you can add a personal touch by customising your content. Follow the formal guidelines, but don’t be afraid to include words that are genuine, authentic and heartfelt. Let your guests know that their presence at your wedding is the greatest gift of all.

If you’re getting hitched in a register office or alternative venue, invite guests to join you in the wedding day celebrations in a fun and upbeat manner that reflects the style and personality of you and your beloved. Use words and phrases that your friends will instantly recognise as being typical of you.

You also have free reign to include a photo of you and your future spouse, or to add meaningful love quotes, song lyrics or poetic words that inspire you. If you’re a creative type, give your imagination permission to create something memorable and unique that your guests will remember for years to come.

Avoid getting carried away and keep it simple. You ideally want your wedding invitation to stand out, without being overloaded with unnecessary information and irrelevant details.

Optional Extras

Once you’ve covered all of the basic wedding invitation essentials, in a warm and unique wedding style, you may want to consider including a few optional extras to ensure that your guests have all the information they are likely to require available at their fingertips.

You can inform your guests of the appropriate dress code – standard wedding attire or fun and freestyle – by stating. Dress: Formal or Dress: Smart Casual at the end of the wedding invitation. If you’re going all out with a lavish wedding theme, and would like guests to dress up in costumes or in a specific style of fancy clothes, it’s a good idea to let them know well in advance.

Ask guests to let you know if they have any special dietary requirements, so that you can inform the catering vendors in good time.

Many happy couples are choosing to set up their own wedding website as an additional resource for guests. Your customised wedding website can include information about the wedding venue, details of your wedding gift list and even table seating plans. If you’re having a destination wedding you can include information about local hotels and attractions. Include the URL of your wedding website at the bottom of the wedding invitation and ask guests to check out your link.

Finish off your warm and unique personalised wedding invitations by letting guests know if your wedding is an adults-only affair. Not every couple wants to extend their wedding invitation to offspring, so your guests will understand that you prefer to keep the day child-free. If you have young children of your own you may want to consider having a crèche facility available so that parents can relax and enjoy themselves at the wedding reception.

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