10 Creative Proposal Ideas For The Holiday Season

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1.    Dress up as the best Santa you can be (this is a double bonus if there are kids present) and make sure your lovely soon-to-be fiance’ gets their turn on Santa’s lap. Upon asking what’s wanted for Christmas, and they look up playfully thinking of something, you pull out the beautiful ring and ask another question ;)

2.    There are many sites for customizing ornaments, but you need the right set up. Picture decorating the tree together. You pick up the ornament, turn to your soon-to-be fiance’ and ask “Hey do you remember where we got this ornament from? It’s never been opened.” Hand it to them and they’ll read an inscription that asks them a special question as they look over and see you on one knee

3.    While enjoying a great party with your soon-to-be fiance’ for New Year’s Eve, you make sure your somewhere you have a little room once the countdown begins. Once they get down to 4, 3,… get down on one knee and propose with enough time for the answer to come right before everyone screams “Happy New Year!”. The idea is you say that you both scream it with everyone, but also in celebration of the brand new news!

4.    Have a mistletoe visible as soon as you walk in the house with a note that says “To Find Your Love & Get Your Kiss/ Follow The Path To Christmas Bliss” to which you will have two rows of garland side by side in their favorite color on the floor leading to the next mistletoe, almost like a road or path. The next note will be similar saying “A Few More Steps, Stay On The Path/ It May Seem Silly, Try Not To Laugh” They walk down the next two rows of garland side by side in their favorite color leading to the third and final mistletoe with you under it on one knee. I think you can take it from there ;)

5.    Picture family and close friends gathered around a delicious Christmas dinner. Everyone laughing and sharing heartwarming stories from the past. You let the table know your going to open a special bottle of champagne/wine you’be saved for a this event. Have a glass ready with a ribbon attached to a strawberry. Picture the strawberry hanging in the glass, the ribbon hanging over the side of the glass, and the engagement ring hanging on the ribbon on the side of the glass. Pour everyone’s glasses first (they may get a little suspicious, but the anticipation helps) then pour in the special glass and hand it to them. Once you see they are beginning to notice the ring, tap your glass with a butter knife while standing and begin your proposal. It is done like a toast, but you never break eye contact with your soon-to-be fiance’

6.    A timeless holiday experience is Times Square during Christmas season. There are so many romantic options you can utilize right at your fingertips. Explore NYC on a fairytale-like horse and carriage. Then go ice skating at Rockefeller Center and create memories for years to come. Close out the evening by heading over to the gigantic Christmas Tree and as your soon-to-be fiance’ is admiring it, at the peak of this incredible date, you drop to one knee and ask to spend the rest of your lives together.

7.    Another great way to take advantage of the NYC experience is to create a similar date like the Christmas one, but on New Year’s Eve! The horse and carriage, the ice skating, but instead of the tree you head over to the famous “Ball Drop”. The amount of excitement, fun, and media is sure to distract your soon-to-be fiance’ from catching on to what’s coming ;)

8.    A great way to propose that is creative, fun, and unique is to leave a message that can’t be missed ;) . Take some garland (in their favorite color) and in the snow on your front lawn write out “I Love (or “heart”) You/ Will You Marry Me?” with the garland. If it’s breezy, put a little snow on top of a few sections of the garland, but make sure it’s still legible. If you have children, nephews, nieces, etc. let them help you, they’ll have a ball! Wait about 20 minutes before your soon-to-be fiance’ gets home so it’s not outside sitting too long. Open the front door and wait by it as you watch the car pull up.

9.     Find out when carolers are supposed to be coming to your block and make it a point that both of you plan to watch it together. As the carolers approach and begin singing, and your holding each other with holiday cheer, you pull away and say “Excuse me for a second.” and get on one knee. You ask that the carolers keep singing, but softly, then ask the big question while live, angelic holiday music is sung.

10.    For this one you will need 5 boxes, each slightly smaller then the next. Picture Christmas morning they open a box with a note inside that says “Will” on top of what looks like another box. They open the inner box to reveal another note Lon top of another box that says “You”. The note inside that box says “Marry”. The 4th inner box has a note that says “Me” on top of another box which will carry the engagement ring.

As you can see there are many special ways to pop the question this holiday season. You don’t have to copy these ideas verbatim, you can improvise while using these as guides. Whatever you do, make sure your soon-to-be fiance’ would truly enjoy it and make it complimentary to both of your personalities. Make it unforgettable!

Written by: Rich Hightower

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