Top Ten Questions To Ask When Choosing A Wedding Planner

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#10: “So What Made You Want To Become a Wedding Planner?

This may seem like an unrelated question, but it serves many purposes. For one it breaks the ice on your terms. They may have a practiced script to start the conversation with, but you’ve now taken control. This also makes the planner unknowingly tell you their strengths and level of passion and commitment to the industry. If they stumble or can’t answer that simple question clearly, you should definitely take that into consideration.

#9: “What Is Your Average Cost For My Size Wedding?

While they may not be able to give you an estimate over the phone, this type of questioning will give you an idea of how close to/far from your budget they would cost.

#8: “Here Is My List Of Preferred Vendors, Do You Work With Any Of Them?

Here is a great way to get an inside scoop into each of the vendors you’ve been researching intensely on your own. This is YOUR list, so the planner is not inclined to push you towards any of them. The planner may even have footage from past events they did with them. The best possible outcome you can get is if they worked with your desired venue. Now you’re dealing with a wedding planner that on your BIG DAY will already know the layout, staff, etc. This means less likelihood of mishaps, which is what you want!

#7: “What Level Of Services Do You Offer?

One big misconception about wedding planners is that they plan your entire wedding…period. Well, it’s not that simple. There are “Full- Service Planners” and then there are “Day-Of-Coordination Planners”. Now the Full Service Planners still need to list just how “full” their services are. Do they handle the rehearsal? Do they offer honeymoon assistance? Do they coordinate the bridal shower? These are questions I’m sure you never thought to ask and yet they are services offered by many wedding planners, but not all! The “Day-Of-Coordination Planners are just that…they coordinate the day of. They make sure everything YOU have set up throughout your wedding planning process goes smoothly the day of. This is an excellent option for couples that may not be able to afford a full wedding planner, but could still use some help.

#6: “What Types Of Insurance/Liability Do You Have?

Entrusting someone with all your wedding details is both nerve-wracking and risky. This is why you should make sure the planner is covered for any damages caused from set-up or accident during transport of flowers or anything of the sort. Find out the type of situations their insurance covers. Professionals shouldn’t really have that much of an issue with mishaps, but it’s best to be covered.

#5: “How will we maintain communication throughout the planning process?

While it is very important and beneficial to go to an in-office consultation, it shouldn’t be necessity to communicate. After a meeting or two in the office, you should be able to speak via phone, email, Skype, etc. Having these different options ensures both parties stay on the same page as much as possible. Some wedding planners even offer temporary websites just for you so you can access all your wedding information up to the big day!

#4: “How busy are you during my event?

This is a great question because the answer tells so much. If they have 6 people on staff and 8 events that month…chances are you’ll be getting less staff support on your event day. You may wonder why they only send 1 or 2 people for your event, but send 3 or 4 to someone else’s. Well, that is why. I’m sure you’d love to have “all hands on deck” for your big day, but to ensure this you have to make sure they’re not flooded with events during your wedding month. Just ask.

#3: “What Is Your Payment Policy?

Wedding Planners accept payments in different ways. Some charge a flat fee or hourly rate to which you agree upon in the initial meeting. Others, however, charge a percentage of the total wedding costs. Find out what they do and decide if it fits in your budget.

#2: “How Long Have You Been Planning Weddings?

It’s important to find out how long the planner has been in business. This tells the amount of time he/she has been developing relationships with nearby vendors. Ask them for referrals like you would in an interview because this is…an interview! Ask for examples of their work. They should be able to pull some footage up on their computer or at least have some printed examples of their past events.

#1: (Ask Yourself) “Do Our Personalities Blend Well?

Get a sense for the planner, as best as you can, and decide if they are the type of person you would like to work side by side with. Brainstorm ideas with them to get a sense of their natural creativity to see if it aligns with what you want. Remember…this person will be responsible for your WEDDING DAY!!!

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