Am I Being Overcharged For DJ Entertainment?

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Planning for an event, especially a wedding can be exhausting. Finding the right vendor at the right price can often times happen naturally, but not necessarily! Many times we hear everything we want to hear and think that justifies an astronomical price or we get a high estimate and immediately write-off the vendor as unnecessary. These are both errors in approaching a DJ company and they both stem from the focus being on the wrong element. Of course we all care about the price, but what is offered is where the emphasis should be.

When sitting down with a DJ company there are a few things you should already know. You should know what your budget is, at least a couple activities you’d like during your event, and what you absolutely do not want there. You should also have done some research on the DJ company to see both what they’ve brought to past events and what they most likely would be bringing to your event. All of these things should be both written down and circling through your head as you have a sit down with a DJ company.

Once you see that they will be incorporating everything you want in the event (and none of what you don’t), you feel out the person to see if you both “gel”. Should you love their personality, make sure it will be THEM that will be working your event. You will now listen to the additional (maybe exclusive to their company) features and options they offer to add to your event. Do they sound incredible? Do they sound unnecessary?

This is where you access price, because now you understand what you are paying for and the value your getting as opposed to just understanding how much you are paying. This is where you decide if the price being asked is reasonable, with everything included, and if it fits your vision for your event. For example some DJ companies include a fee for traveling far while others may be slightly more expensive, but then you realize they include traveling fee. So this doesn’t mean grab the most expensive DJ package, it means find out why it costs that much and make your decision from there.

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