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10 Things Every Bride Should Know:
1Be Prepared. The people that you expect to do the most for you will do the least, while people that you expect to do the least will show up in a big way.
2. The wedding is not all about you! The wedding is about you AND it's also about your fiancé. Whether or not he/she has an opinion or not, give your fiancé a chance to have an opinion and make decisions. Remember, Practice the Art of Compromise.
3. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help relieve stress. This day maybe the most important day for you but for everyone else involved in your wedding, it is just another fun party, social event, or evening out. Don't expect everyone to act with the same level of care, urgency, or concern on your wedding day.
4. Weddings are very difficult for parents, particularly the mother of the bride. Parents typically have mixed emotions about "losing" their daughters and the financial stress associated with the wedding. Practice patients with your parents and show them that you understand how difficult this process may be for them.
5. Understand that not everything will be perfect. You can strive for perfection with a Plan A but definitely be prepared in case a Plan B or even C needs to fall into place. By creating backup plans it will still allow you to maintain control when unforeseeable circumstances arise.
6. This one is important as far as your expectations go: Not everyone has been involved in a wedding before. Do not expect people to know how to be the perfect maid of honor, bridesmaid, or groomsman.
7. Know any and all directions and information regarding your dress. Know-how to bustle, lace, and button your dress and make sure you teach this to your bridesmaids In advance. often times this becomes an added stress to wedding day because bridesmaids are spending hours around the bride and her dress trying to figure out how to bustle it properly.
8. Make sure to take some time for yourself a few days before the wedding. The day before and day of the wedding will be filled with so many people hustling and bustling all around you. There will be so many errands for you to run. Take some time to relax. Take a personal spa day.   
9. Kindness, dear bride, goes a long way. Remember to say "Please and Thank You" to everyone along the way, as you are doing the preparation for your wedding. Even during stressful times on the wedding day, also remember to say "Please and Thank You" to your vendors and your wedding team that day. In return they will want to go the extra mile for you because you were so kind gracious to them.
10. Don't be in such a rush. Take a moment to stop and soak it all in because this moment will fly by and will eventually just become a memory for you, so enjoy every second of it.
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