16 Groomsmen Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Your wedding is one of the most special occasions you’ll ever attend, and you get to share it with some of the most important people in your life. Your groomsmen, in particular, play a vital role in helping you prepare and ensure that you look dapper for your future wife.


If you’re looking for ways to show your appreciation for your groomsmen’s presence on your wedding day and friendship all these years, we have rounded up 16 of Groovy Groomsmen Gifts’ quirkiest and most affordable items that you can get your groomsmen.


Beer Mug ($19.99)


Cheers to a prosperous and fruitful life ahead with a macho-looking beer mug. You can have it personalized with a fun statement or goofy graphics to make it truly special. Made with heavy-duty glass, this personalized mug will last your groomsmen a lifetime, if they’re careful enough to not have too much fun.


Bottle Cap Remover ($19.99)


Your groomsmen will no longer have a hard time opening a bottle of beer with a Decapitator. A stubborn bottle cap will be the least of your worries during good times with friends. May it be for a home bar, an outdoor picnic, or a barbecue, this tool is great for any occasion.


Army Knife ($19.99)


If you’ve got groomsmen who enjoy spending their days in the garage or out in the woods, a handy army knife is the perfect gift. With 13 tools—which include a knife, screwdriver, scissors, corkscrew, nail file, and bottle opener—it’s practically a steal. Made of high-quality stainless steel, your friends will have this knife for a long time.


Flask ($29.99)


Wood and steel is perhaps the manliest combination for a gift item imaginable. You’ll be able to strike that fine balance by affording your groomsmen with a personalized seven-ounce steel flask that comes with its own funnel and wood casket. Plus it’s a discreet way to sneak in some booze when craving for a drink.


Baseball Bat ($24.99)


Start your own baseball team with your groomsmen with this mini baseball bat that can be customized to have names or initials engraved on it. The bats are made of wood and come in various bright colors. You’ll definitely earn mileage points from your friends who are avid fans of America’s favorite pastime.


Whiskey Stones ($29.99)


Don’t you just hate it when your glass of whiskey turns into a watery puddle? A set of whiskey stones is what you need to ensure that your fine scotches and whiskeys on the rocks don’t get unnecessarily diluted with water. Have your stones engraved with the initials of your groomsmen for that personal touch.


Travel Bag ($29.99)


Entice your groomsmen to attend your wedding or the annual road trip you’re planning with this basic but functional canvas travel bag. Face it, everyone travels now, and the modern man shouldn’t be left behind. A bag is a good investment since it is spacious enough to fit anything and portable enough to carry anywhere.


Tavern Sign ($24.99)


You and your band of friends may have once dreamed of opening your own dive bar or tavern but were caught up with other things. Reminisce that teenage dream by surprising your groomsmen with this fun and authentic-looking tavern poster, which you can customize with a statement or with your own logo.


Classic Pen ($18.99)


If you’re looking for a traditional and understated gift for your groomsmen, go with a solid pen with faux wood finish for that classic gentleman appeal. You can find a flashy or quirky gift, but nothing beats something that has future utility. A pen on hand is always useful—for signing documents, taking notes, or even as an accessory to a blazer.


Cufflinks ($24.99)


Apart from a quality watch, another important piece of metal accessory to decorate the wrists of your groomsmen is a set of cufflinks. No matter the groomsman’s age, this small band of stainless steel never goes out of style and for good reason. It keeps your sleeves tidy and makes you look suave.


Tie Clip ($19.99)


Nothing says that a man has his act together more than a classic tie clip does. Apart from a professional etiquette, what truly make a gentleman are the little accessories that prop up his overall look. Indulge your good friend with this simple gift that will help him reach the top of corporate success.


Shot Glass ($19.99)


What better way to celebrate a joyous occasion with a shot of bourbon or vodka, right? Surprise your groomsmen with a two-ounce shot glass that comes with its own engraved wooden glass. It is an affordable way to revel in your happiness and friendship. Truly, good things come in small packages.


Socks ($11.99)


Formal wear can be dull and stuffy at times, but it need not be so. Show some personality by adding a dash of color to your groomsmen socks. Grab a set of these babies, and give them to your guy pals as a show of thanks. And it makes for a pretty cool wedding group photo that you’ll surely remember for years to come.


Card Case ($19.99)


Help your friend achieve the pinnacle of professional success with a sleek business card case made of maple wood. This will position him as a man cut above the rest since what matters most is in the little details. Top it off by having the case personalized with your friend’s name or business.


Steel Key Chain ($17.99)


A novelty item like a steel key chain can be a simple token of appreciation for your groomsmen for being there on your special day. Not only is it affordable but it is also handy in keeping your keys organized and in one place so your pal won’t have trouble finding them. Get this: it also doubles as a bottle opener.


Wallet ($29.99)


Tell your groomsmen to ditch their bulky wallets and replace them with a minimalist rivet wallet made of leather. This trim is modern and sleek in design, something that every man should aspire for. Whether it’s carrying cash or credit cards, this wallet will fit in nicely in a pair of jeans.

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