How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Flowers

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Ah, weddings. This celebration of love marks the first day of a couple’s journey together as husband and wife. Right after the proposal, everything would seem blissful and wonderful but it can all soon get pretty hectic when you've got a wedding to plan. Whatever budget you have or whether you hire a planner and coordinator or choose to DIY most of it, wedding flowers are simply one of the most integral parts of a wedding tradition.

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers can be a bit stressful especially when there is a lot to choose from: types of flowers, floral arrangements, colors, complimentary flowers, and more. There are a lot of decisions to make because weddings require an awful lot of flowers: from the entourage, table pieces, decorations, and more. If you don't know where to begin, here are some tips to help you start with choosing your perfect wedding flowers.

Do Your Research

Think of your wedding planning as a battlefield, you simply do not storm the front without being prepared. Arm yourself with knowledge and florist terms by doing your research. Scour the internet and flower books to learn about names of flowers, complimentary flowers, types of bouquets and arrangements, greens, and more. This way, you can better communicate the exact style and arrangement you want to your wedding florist.

Determine Florals Based on Confirmed Wedding Details

The decision for choosing the wedding flowers should be made after the dress and wedding venue has been decided. Picking the right bouquet and flowers will rely on the confirmed details. The venue will determine how much flowers will be used for decorations and how elaborate they will be. If you have a venue with a small space, elaborate floral decorations would not be advisable and so on.

The color and fabric of the wedding dress should also be taken into account when choosing flowers. Not all off-white dresses work with all flowers and not all flowers complement a white dress. If the dress has frills and little details, it is best to get a simple bouquet. If the dress is very simple, a gorgeous bouquet may help enhance it.

Work on a Budget

Flowers are one of the most expensive expenditures when planning a wedding. Set a realistic budget you can work with and look for ways you can spend it without going over. Professional florists can cost a lot on top of the flowers, but this doesn't mean that going DIY will be more cost-effective because the time and effort spent making the wedding flowers will tend to make up for the money not spent on florist's services.

The budget will also determine the style and size of the wedding florals so it is better to be upfront with what you have. The florist has the ability to suggest designs and cheaper flowers. When working with a tight budget, prioritize the bridal entourage flowers and cheap out on everything else. After all, centerpieces and ceiling displays don't have to be flowers so get creative with it.

Fresh flowers are notorious for wilting very fast so if you're looking for alternatives, try getting silk flower bouquets because they are more affordable. Shun the naysayers who say that artificial flowers look tacky because there are high-quality silk flowers that look convincing in person and most importantly, in photos. Furthermore, they can come in flowers that are not in season and they will look fresh all day and night long.

You Do You

When it comes to choosing your perfect flowers or your entire wedding, always remember that there is no right or wrong. The wedding day should be all about you and your partner so if you have details that don't adhere to what is expected or tradition, don't worry. Your priority should be your budget and what you have, not impressing other people. You do you and go with what best makes you happy.

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