A Groom's Guide to Asking Your Bros to be Your Entourage

On your big day, wouldn’t you want to have your best bros standing with you by the altar? There are a lot of responsibilities tied to being a groomsman and, because of that, asking your buddies to be part of your entourage can sometimes be challenging.

How you should ask, when you should ask, where you should ask - there are a lot of factors involved. Luckily, we’ve prepared a guide for you that will help you out in asking your buds to be your groomsmen. Here are a few options.

Go on a guy's weekend

A great time to ask your buddies would be on a bro-getaway. This can be a skiing trip, a camping getaway, a surfing weekend, or even when you’re just spending a couple days together in town. After all the fun you’ve had, you can then bring up the question, assuring them that there will be more fun to come.

You can even give gifts for your groomsmen beforehand. This can range from beer steins to golf clubs, so that they can enjoy it and put it into full use before your wedding day.

Ask them during game night

If you and your best bros meet up frequently for one of your hobbies, you can also ask them then. Whether it be during a weekly basketball game or once-a-month poker night, a guy’s night is one of the best times to ask them. You are all comfortable with each other and are in an environment you all enjoy.

You can also set up the tradition of having a game night as well, giving you and your friends days to look forward to associate good memories with before the knot is tied. It will make for great banter during the wedding speeches too.

Send out proposal cards

If circumstances won’t allow to see your friends face-to-face, you can always kick it the old school way and send them letters asking them to be your groomsmen. This way, they can also think the decision over and send you a reply, and if they decide to decline, there wouldn’t be any awkwardness of saying “no” upfront.

In the letter, make sure to say something that they can relate with and include the descriptions of their duties. Let them know how grateful you are for them and why you selected them to be your groomsmen.

Email them a funny invite

You don’t always have to go the old pen and ink way. If you think it is appropriate, sending your friends email invites is another route you can take. Although, it doesn’t have the tangible touch of a letter. It’s instant and less of a hassle for them to write back.

Make sure to let them know that you’re supportive of whatever decision they make. Maybe put in a funny inside joke. And like the letter, you should let them know of the responsibilities that come along with being a groomsman such as planning the bachelor party or helping out wedding guests.

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