Well today (actually yesterday) my mind actually froze when one of my family friends asked me what am I doing with my life? I was thinking what am I doing? I know where I would want to go but how am I starting it.
So due this family friend asking such a excellent question I have started to do my wedding planning course again I put it on hold but it's now time for me to do it again. Im actually excited because my mother got herself a new computer which has the latest softwares so I will install the wedding software into that and use everything to pass this course.
I am truly determined to pass the course, I'm not good at education but I truly want to pass this because its all I dream of is to become a "Wedding Planner"
I have done the first unit jus need to submit it, it was very easy till teh hard part kicked in when i had to find 3 vendors for 12 lists. Some vendors was very rude but some were surprisingly supportive I told them what its for and they wished me the best of luck.

This is why I love this website, it will help me so much and I thank the creator of this for ebing so generous to actually give away all the information they have. I love it so much. I am on this more then I am on my social netowrking websites.

I will start updating my blog when I start my car again on the road because I stopped for a while but the engine is ready to be working again and this driver is more then excited =D


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