Hello Everyone,

Well let me start by introducing myself. My name is Sheuly Begum I'm 19 and just finised my education. People ask me why I dont do further education but I'm not interested in academics at all. I love practical jobs not paper and pen.
In 2006 during my sister wedding I realised I loved weddings, I helpt her plan her weddings and since then I had my career planned to be a "Wedding Planner"
Thought it would be as easy as I planned it in my head, but it isn't if anything its hard. I know some may read this and say it isnt hard you have to have the passion.
Obviously I can't get into it straight away because I need some sort of experience. I did voluntary work everywhere helping organising parties and helpt out with two of my sisters wedding, but seems like thats not enought experience.
I thought maybe start of by working as a intern with a wedding planner or even shadow them for one wedding. but nothing not even a reply of being rejected.
I have no job nothing, I'm not complaining because I'm okay with it but its hard. I want a job where I can actually look forward to waking up to even if it means 6am I would do anything, just want to be part of that vibe. I know its not as easy as it looks planning weddings, but truth be said I love being stressed and what can be more stressful then planning a wedding. It all rounder, fun, stress and pleasant.

I just want help from all you wedding planners out there and if you are looking for anyone to help out in the office with small work I am willing to work for you. I live in North London but I am willing to travel anywhere in London.
I wish someone does give me one chance to show I CAN DO this I just need a lift and that list is from the person who give me their hand in chance.

Sheuly Begum

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