4 Honeymoon Ideas Your Fiance Will Freak Out Over

Your first vacation together after your wedding has to be special and unforgettable. Planning a honeymoon that you and your fiancé will love requires clear communication and some compromise, but there are several ideas that both of you are certain to enjoy. Here are four honeymoon ideas you can use to spice up your post-wedding adventure.

Plan a Surprise Picnic

Traveling can certainly work up an appetite, so why not spend the first day of your honeymoon indulging in the tastiest eats your destination has to offer? Fill your basket with fancy wine, charcuterie, sweets, and a blanket before taking your loved one to a secluded nook where you can have your feast. This idea is especially romantic if you happen to be vacationing in the French countryside.

Set Sail on a Private Charter

If you are honeymooning in Hawaii, you and your new bride or groom can spend the day on small private group charters. While you're on board the ship, you'll be able to enjoy warm weather, sparkling blue waters, a delicious food and drink menu, and a variety of fun activities like snorkeling. It's the perfect combination of relaxation and excitement, making it one of the best honeymoon ideas.

Get a Room with a Hot Tub (And a View)

After a long day of fun and adventure, coming back to the hotel room and slipping into the hot tub with your new spouse will feel divine. Champagne, bubble bath, and soft music are just a few special touches you can use to set the mood for your shared bath. Be sure to have fluffy towels and plush robes waiting for each of you when you are ready to dry off. Bonus points will be scored if you book a room overlooking the ocean.

Spend One Day Relaxing

As your honeymoon comes to an end, you may want to spend the last day winding down and resting before your long drive or flight back home. Your honeymoon is the best time to connect with your new partner without the interruptions of daily life, so spending an entire day lounging in your hotel room, snuggling, and indulging in room service may be the best way to end your newlywed adventure on a high note. Write your lover a letter about how much you enjoyed your trip together and slip it into their packed suitcase for them to find when they return home.

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