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5 Best Places for Your Destination Wedding

If you love your friends and family so much that you have decided to take them with you on your honeymoon, join the crowd of satisfied young couples who have chosen a destination wedding. Regardless of the size of the ceremony, there will always be a place you can choose for marking the new beginnings with a dream holiday.

Colorado, USA

This is one state that proves that you do not have to book a long-hull flight to land a perfect destination wedding. The entire state of Colorado, and the region surrounding its capital, Denver, offer a variety of sceneries to pick and choose from. Choose your style, your budget, your season, Colorado will be able to provide everything, but a beach ceremony, for that one, you will have to look further. This is a perfect location for pretty much any couple who wish to get married without inconveniencing their guests too much with the costs involved.


If you were looking to organize for a beach wedding and you were unable to accommodate it in Colorado, Jamaica is one of the best places you can visit. This beautiful country has a lot to offer, including the ocean scenery you wanted so much. The miles of golden sandy beaches with the mountains in the background are just what you were looking for. If you are worried about organizing a ceremony away from home, there are experienced people at the Sandals resort with a long history of organizing memorable nuptials. Another reason why Jamaica might be a good choice is because it offers a prospect of organizing a budget dream destination wedding.


With the cities of romance such as Florence, Verona, and Venice who would not want to get married in Italy? We have carefully selected this beautiful country as perhaps the best mixture of European sceneries you can choose out of for your wedding. There is a selection of castles of different styles available as wedding venues in the province of Tuscany. In addition, if you were looking for more ancient sceneries, you can look for the remains of old Rome further down south. Alternatively, you can give in to romance and book your wedding at one of the above-mentioned cities.


There are plenty of places to consider between the last two destinations but getting married in the land of smiles with a long-standing culture and tradition has to have its perks. Thailand must be one of the most beautiful and picturesque places you can choose for saying “I do”. Not to make it the most important thing about the day, but Thailand has a lot of places you can get a bargain for your perfect day. Comparing the cost of living, you will find the country to be affordable and not lacking in natural beauty, service, and the hospitality of people.

NSW, Australia

As a country, Australia has a lot to offer and you won’t regret spending your happiest day and your honeymoon there. We had to narrow it down to NSW and Sydney area to be more precise. There is a great number of venues, guest accommodation, and wedding suits Sydney has to offer. The venues can accommodate pretty much any type of wedding you can think of. You can go for a beach wedding, a country wedding, a rural wedding, a city wedding, a forest wedding etc. A great perk about this is that there are a lot of places specialized for just these events with great experience accommodating and caring for wedding parties which come from overseas for the occasion.

There are many places across the globe suitable for a destination wedding. You need to choose the style and the scenery, the size, and set the budget before you start planning. Once you decide on the perfect destination, make sure to select the right time of the year, as seasons may not be the same to where you come from. The last thing you want is for the weather to ruin your plans. Also, make an inquiry into legal requirements and procedures regarding the ceremony in the foreign country. In addition, get to know your destination well, so you avoid surprises and fully enjoy the upcoming event.

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