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Minimalist Wedding Trend on the Rise - Best Decor Tips

Minimalist wedding trend is more than something simple and cheap couples choose when they’re on a tight budget. They’re sophisticated and elegant solutions which only simplify the amount of stress soon-to-be newlyweds will spend organising their special day.

Although many believe that white is the colour of minimalist décor, the rule "less is more" actually applies to the number of details. You can use any colour, pattern or arrangement you like, just without too much pageantry.

In order to show you how easy and less stressful a minimalist wedding can be, but equally gorgeous like any other, here are some tips how to achieve the minimalism and glamour at the same time.

  • Start with the venue

Minimalist weddings can happen in any venue, but having a naturally imposed minimalism is even better. That’s why big warehouses and lofts are perfect for minimalist weddings, as are backyards if you want to get married outside.

These venues carry a certain nonchalance which is expected from the minimalism and therefore make everyone comfortable. It's easy to add details to such décor and embellish the place. Exposed features like brick walls and wooden beams can serve as props for hanging ornaments and add wedding decorations.

  • Choose a clean and elegant stationary

While white is a colour that is generally part of the wedding, you can replace it with light tones if you want something different. Since the colours on your stationery should go well or be the same as in the overall theme, use the tones that are not flamboyant.

Fonts and writings on the stationery should be elegant and to the point. Although, if you feel especially creative you can add some personal touch such are a drawing or your own handwriting. Choose the font that is unique but not too embellished, especially if you have graphical elements on the stationary.

  • Wedding gowns to enhance your beauty

When it comes to minimalist wedding gowns, it’s all about the shape. Usually, they don't have any details, but when they do it's small and gentle. There are several models you can choose from even though the lack of flashy details would convince you otherwise.

Long white gown with bare back is an elegant way to show off your wedding body you worked so hard for. However, if you’re not much of a dress person, there is a variety of bridal trousers and pantsuits to choose from. Delicate lace details are welcomed, as well as any vintage styled design.  

  • Green and soft pastels wedding bouquet

If there is anywhere to place colour, that is in the bouquet. Although minimalist weddings usually avoid any colourful features in order to maintain the balance of décor, you can be a little mischievous with the bouquets. Combine green of the leaves with soft pastel flowers and here and there some colourful one. Instead of roses use peonies, or add some wildflowers to the mix. This will be enough to make the bouquets lively and not too much to cross the minimalist line.

  • Get married on the spot

As an alternative for office registry, you can marry at the same place where you will have the reception or anywhere else, actually. A registrar can marry you on the beach, high hill or in the old castle if you can arrange it. Alternatively, you can make it all simpler and have the ceremony performed at the venue. Usually, this is the most comfortable solution for everyone and doesn't require a lot of organisation. Nevertheless, it more intimate and cosy than getting married in the city hall.

  • Minimalist cake for the maximum taste

A cake is also something that will be the highlight of your wedding. Just like every other part of the ceremony, it also has to fit in the overall theme. Minimalist wedding cakes look chic and sophisticated with only a few embellishments like small flowers discretely positioned on the sides. This is where the true colours of minimalism can burst into view, from white to soft pink and gentle blue.  


Weddings are an amazing opportunity to show off your style and fashion sense. Adapt the décor to your own preferences and allow the minimalist design to flourish. Not only will you be satisfied with the look, but the guests will be charmed as well. Minimalist weddings are the up-and-coming trend this year so that will position your event also among those trendy ones.

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