5 Great Tips on Narrowing Down your Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding involves taking care of a lot of smaller and larger details, and one of the big important ones is definitely where you are having the wedding! Some want something traditional, some chose a place that is meaningful in some way to the couple and some do not have any idea even where to start! There is a perfect wedding venue Toms River based or where you are though, just read on for some great tips to help you narrow down what will be best for you.

Choose a season

The season you decide to have the wedding in will affect what venues you should consider. A summer wedding is more likely to be conducive to outdoor weddings for example. Autumn would be good for a venue surrounded by Autumn colored trees. It is more common for weddings to happen in the Summer but it really is up to you. Be warned that the more popular times of the year the venues get really booked quite a lot in advance so some date flexibility is a good idea.

Decide on the style

The style of your wedding then impacts the venue you should choose. Casual weddings in Ocean County NJ are great for outdoor venues. A formal wedding would be great in an old luxurious hotel. When you know the kind of feel you want for the wedding it will help eliminate some of the venue options.

How many guests are you having

The more guests you want to invite the larger the venue you will need. Know how many there will be so as you look around at places you can ask how many guests they can accommodate. Always assume everyone will attend, do not choose a venue for 200 guests with a guest list of 250 thinking that oh some won't come.

How much are you spending on this part of the wedding

Your wedding venue Toms River is going to probably be the largest cost of the wedding. Decide on your budget and find places you can afford. Many venues can give you an estimated cost to hold a wedding, but costs vary from one wedding to another depending on other factors, so be prepared for a higher cost when you meet up and go through what you would want. Try not to fall in love with something way out of your budget, there is no need in putting yourself under financial stress for one day.

Ask about the details

If your wedding and reception are the same place, what happens to the guests when the room needs to be flipped? If it is outdoor is there a backup in case of bad weather? Is music, catering, furniture, alcohol, bartender, dishware, linens all included in the price? Can you use your own vendors or do they ask you to use a preferred vendor list they have? Get all the fees, gratuities, rentals, everything down in writing with costs listed.


The options for wedding venues Ocean County or wherever you have it are many. Think about how to accommodate guests traveling in, and things like transportation too. Whether you chose a hotel, park, church or beach it is sure to be a day you will always remember.

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