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There is a certain misconception on the whole idea of synthetic diamonds. Other names used to refer to these diamonds are synthetic, lab created, man-made, cultured or lab made diamonds. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these diamonds are fake. They are as genuine as mined diamonds. The only difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds is that while natural diamonds are formed naturally below the earth’s surface, synthetic diamonds are made in a controlled environment that simulates the conditions under which natural diamonds are created.

Synthetic and natural diamonds are similar in that they resemble each other physically and structurally. The average person will not be able to distinguish the difference unless a skilled jeweler is consulted.

Avoid confusing synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants. Diamond simulants are not real diamonds and are not made from the same chemical composition as natural diamonds. A good example of a diamond simulant is the cubic zirconia.


Despite being of the same materials, synthetic diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds. The reason being, the process of mining natural diamonds is a lengthy one that is extremely difficult. They are also hard to find. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are made in a lab and easily available.

By purchasing a synthetic diamond, you are likely to get it for at least 10% – 30% cheaper than for the same quality of natural diamond.


Synthetic diamonds are of very good quality and contain minimal flaws as they do not have inclusions like natural diamonds. This makes them nearly perfect to the naked eye.

These impurities are minimized because of the kind of environment they are made in. The environment is controlled and under strict supervision.

When checking for clarity, use the same method you would use for a natural diamond.


When evaluating the color of synthetic diamonds, keep in mind that the less the color, the better the quality. They do come in different colors. This is a plus for people who would love to spice things up a bit and who opt for colored diamonds which are hard to find in their natural form.

Producing diamonds that are colorless is a greater task when working with natural diamonds as compared to their synthetic counterparts.


Just like a diamond’s clarity and color, its cut is also very crucial. A synthetic diamond with a fine cut has a better brilliance and sparkle.

When buying diamonds, keep an eye on its symmetry. The facets should also be proportional and very well aligned. The edges should also not be too thin or too thick.


The one challenge with synthetic diamonds is their limited selection. It is nearly impossible to find a good quality synthetic diamond of high carat weight.


Just like natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds are graded. When purchasing synthetic diamonds, make sure you are buying legit materials by checking for certification. This also ensures you are purchasing exactly what is being advertised and that the jeweler is reputable. Happy shopping!

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