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5 ideas to surprise the groom on the wedding day

The organization of marriage and the endless details that you have decided together will make you think that everything is under control. Don't you think the incentive to prepare something unexpected for your loved one? Please show him that you will never stop surprising him!

Do you think that not revealing what your bride looks like is the only way to surprise your boyfriend? It is clear that wedding dresses, along with accessories and accessories that bring personal touches, such as bridal bouquets, and the type of wedding hairstyle chosen by the wedding, are overall a real surprise in any third marriage. But do you want to prepare something unique and exclusive for your son? We give you ideas!

1. Prizes are given

Send him a gift to the place where he will prepare for the occasion. We suggest that it be something that complements your girlfriend's appearance, because then you will finish your clothes. One of the most commonly used gifts is a luxury watch such as Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph, very common also after hand requests, where you can record phrases, your initials and / or holiday dates, a word that has special meaning for you, such symbols to infinity. ..

2. Notification dear

Make sure you know where and with whom you will be decorated, write in your own handwriting one or more notes, with a brief and sincere message, and ask the person who will accompany you at that time to fill in the bends, or even the pockets of the groom's suit. the original you have chosen for this event, with your sensory message about love.

As an alternative: if you want to make tears fall, you can also be careful that, while waiting at the altar, receive notes with words that reach the soul.

3. Breakfast at home

Starting the day receiving a surprise breakfast shows that the day will exceed expectations. Choose a choice of products that consider variety and style. Consider: gourmet dishes, freshly baked pastries, enough coffee, natural fruit juices, selected sausages, premium cakes, chocolate, toast accompanied by butter and jam with various flavors, smoothies, freshly cut fruit and whatever you miss .

4. Arrive at the horse ceremony

If you have an idea of ​​riding and you will get married in the space that is possible, why don't you cheer and go to the ceremony mounted on the horse? With speed, running or running fast, whatever your choice, surely your prospective husband is amazed by such winning entries.

5. Sayings or vows of love

"Yes, I want" and the formula determined by the protocol is not enough if you want to change the most significant and interesting moments of your link into something unique and personal. Differentiate your wedding ceremony with a speech that is full of promises to men in your life or marriage vows which are a reflection of the feelings that have brought you to a union that swears allegiance and eternal love. For such a context, don't forget to supply scarves to everyone!

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