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What is the purpose of couples who constantly post Instagram photos?

Psychologists tell: What is the purpose of couples who constantly publish Instagram photos?


We all know these love couples and their behavior in social media: they bombard us with old photos of their last vacation, write a long love statement about their anniversary and like to remind their followers that they are the best couple using the hashtag #couplegoals.


Interestingly, some studies state that the opposite is true for them. Our photography publishing skills are directly related to what scientists call the “appearance of relationships,” and this is the extent to which we want our love relationships to be part of our public profiles. According to recent surveys, if you have a very high “account visibility” and you can post too many photos with your partner, this may be a sign that you are not sure about your partner.


However, no relationship is as perfect as on Instagram. Social norms require you to see more approvals from other users. Where do fast and a lot get instagram likes? I recommend the popular place is an indispensable and reliable assistant for such cases! Although you might think that people who share photos are constantly trying to prove something, scientists advise us not to make hasty conclusions about the love of couples.


Researchers have suggested that the way people interact with emotionally influences the visibility of relationships and the desire to publish on Instagram. Namely, people who want to distance themselves from their partners, demonstrate a lower desire to see the connection, and those who are more dangerous and not confident in the relationship, demonstrate a high desire to see. To prove this hypothesis, the researchers asked 108 students 2 weeks to keep a diary about their relationship.


“When people are not sure about their partner’s feelings, they want the connection to be visible. These studies emphasize the role of connections in how people appear before others, ”the researchers write.


People who abandon a relationship often want to distance themselves from their partners, while people who are anxiously attached, almost always need to confirm their relationship even in social media. Often they seek positive attention because they do not receive the necessary security from their partner.


Take the example of a romantic dinner to illustrate the difference. A person who wants to distance himself from a partner will be satisfied with a quiet and intimate dinner, but the alarm partner will be busy publishing photos from Instagram dinner and they will like it. The desire to document all relationships can become even stronger if the other partner acts absent and restrained throughout the evening.


This incompatibility is a concern for nervous people. As a result, an unreliable partner will take a photo of his relationship and publish it on Facebook to gain sympathy. Such people often seek positive approval because of the lack of interest on the part of their partner.


A partner who does not publish anything may complain because he is annoyed by the excessive exchange of social media work. Most often, these people are concerned about the fact that it is more important for partners to publish photos than to spend quality time together.


“The most common complaints about social media are related to the fact that one or both partners become dependent on their phones. Social media gives people the opportunity to divert attention from each other and direct it to something else. There is a logic why people do it: there is a lot of evidence that dopamine levels increase due to the fact that they like these symptoms.


Whatever the cause of excessive separation (the pleasure of getting similar or ambiguity in the relationship), if you are nervous about such announcements, remember that people most often publish only the most important moments in their lives. After all, there is no definitive reason why some people share so many ads to show off.


People who share too many things can be really happy and want to express it through social media. They may think that they need to prove something to their followers or they want to focus on areas of their life that are unclear.


If partners try too hard to present a particular image, they are probably trying to protect something: any image or ideal. Why? I think it is important to ask this question, but you do not need to answer it. In the end, all couples have their own unique story. Instagram allows them to present a version of this story that does not have to be real.

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