5 Personal Touches to Make Your Wedding Dress as Beautiful as Possible

The big day has finally arrived. Your wedding certainly wouldn’t be complete without an iconic dress to wear down the aisle. Wedding dresses have trends that come and go but that doesn’t mean you have to follow any of them. It’s your event so you deserve to feel as special and unique as possible. Whether you decide on a more traditional wedding dress or strike out boldly in a new direction, you should feel at home in what you are wearing. What exactly you go with is, of course, entirely up to you. However, the 5 suggestions below should give you a good place to start.

Hustle Your Bustle

“Bustle” refers to the padded section at the back of your dress. They’re designed to hold up your train to make dancing and moving around easier. You can actually get the bustle altered just like any other part of your dress. Bustles traditionally come in five styles: ballroom, bow, under, or over. Your wedding stylist will work with you to pick the perfect one for your preferred dress. For example, a ballroom or over bustle generally works best with a ballroom wedding gown. While a under bustle might go best with a mermaid dress. You’ll also want to make sure a member of your wedding party can fix your bustle, since you won’t be able to do yourself.

Go for Color

White is, of course, the traditional wedding color. Who says you have to go with tradition? Maybe you have a favorite color that you want to show off. Maybe you want to be able to wear the dress beyond your wedding day. Whatever the reason, a colorful dress is certainly one of the most unique ways to personalize your wedding style. You can coordinate the dress with your other wedding colors for added emphasis. If you want something more subtle, you could add colorful floral details or a black contrast to your train. Additionally, you could shade a more traditional dress a peach or light blue color. But you can also just go for it! If you have bridesmaids you could make your dress a complete contrast. Dress is red, while your bridesmaids go dominantly white with a red accent. Color can be the most direct way to stand out and personalize your dress.

Try Adding Sleeves

Strapless wedding gowns have been having a moment for years but sleeves are starting to make a comeback. This detail is a particularly smart choice if your wedding is in fall or winter. It adds some warmth without weighing you down. You can have your sleeves be made of sheer lace or a solid fabric. They can even be transparent. Sleeves can add both detail and class to your gown. Good wedding photographers can capture these intricacies with a series of close up images.

Add a Bedazzling Touch

Glitter and jewels can upgrade any outfit. Well-placed precious metals ensure that all eyes will be on you throughout the night. Silver is a popular choice as a pairing for white gowns. A silver waistband creates gathering that is very figure flattering. You could also try silver-inlaid lace sleeves for a subtle yet striking detail. Be careful not to go too heavy on a bejeweled dress if you also plan to wear earrings or bracelets. You may only wear the dress once, but you still will want to dance in it.

Remember to decide on your customization early on. Last minute touches can be difficult to sew in or remove. So be sure to give yourself the time and space to deliberate over what exactly you want. Your wedding dress is one of the most immortalized parts of your day, so take the time to find something that you feel happy about. Don’t let other members of the wedding party influence you too much. This is your moment and you deserve to own it. Though many aspects of the wedding day can seem to be outward facing and there can be a lot of pressure to behave and act a certain way, the only people this day is truly for are you and your future spouse. You should make it a day that you can be proud of.

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