5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Unique Bride

Bachelorette parties can be as unique as the bride they’re celebrating. If your friend is planning a wedding and you want to help her celebrate in her own way, skip the Vegas trip and plan something around her interests, or find a bucket list option she’s never treated herself to and plan the fun.

Go for the Rush

If your bride likes an adrenaline rush, cater to that. Take her zip-lining or bungee jumping. If she’s always wanted to do some rock-climbing, hire a guide and a jeep and find a beginner course that will get her heart racing. Just be sure that you take plenty of sunscreen and bug spray to avoid any marks that will mar the big day.

Look Into the Future

Weddings are all about new beginnings and looking forward to the future, so get a sneak peak. Hire a psychic or call into a psychic line. You can carry the theme throughout the evening with tarot cards and lottery ticket gift bags. Alternately, if you prefer to spend some of the evening on more traditional bachelorette party activities, you can schedule the psychic earlier in the evening.

Take a Class

A low-key class can be a great way to have a fun evening of bonding while picking up a new skill. Find a studio and take a painting class, or contact a local caterer and take a group cooking class. End the day with a delicious meal and many laughs. If possible, shower the bride with relevant presents like kitchen tools and cookware or quality paints at the end of the event.

Book a Cruise

Get the bride out on the water for a day cruise or a trip down a local river. A day relaxing in the sun with friends will help the bride decompress, shed stress, and look forward to her big day. You can also gift her with some special wardrobe pieces for her upcoming honeymoon at the end of the cruise.

Spa Day

Weddings and wedding planning are stressful, so give your busy bride-to-be some down time to relax. In fact, if the bridal party has all been working hard on the wedding, take them all out to the spa. A trip to a hot springs or a mud bath will give everyone the chance to connect and have fun together, relax and rest well before the wedding day.

Find a Festival

Is the bride a big music fan or crafter? Find a music festival or outdoor concert for a fun outing together, or take a road trip to a craft show she will love. Book a vacation rental large enough to host all comers and make the bachelorette party a long weekend.

Brides and bridal parties come in all ages and interests. If the bride you’re celebrating isn’t a big fan of a wild party scene, find a way to celebrate her before the big day with a trip, event or outing she will remember forever.

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