5 Tips for Newlyweds Planning on Buying a House

For many couples, marriage and wedding plans go hand in hand with many other life changes, such as moving, getting a new job, or buying a house. All of these often cost a lot in money and time, and the stress of doing everything at once can be exhausting. Getting married and buying a house are two major milestones that set you up for a happy lifestyle for many years to come. While you’ve got some big decisions on your plate, you should also feel good about knowing that you have options. As you start looking at houses, you can use these five tips to pick the right neighborhood to live in for your new, married life. Look with the future in mind, prioritize your community, explore nearby schools and amenities, visit the neighborhood, and talk with your potential neighbors. By taking these steps, you and your spouse will be able to plan for your wedding and post-honeymoon life with ease.

Look with the Future in Mind

As a newlywed, you and your spouse may want to focus on your careers for several years. Or, you might want to start on a family right away. In either case, you will still need to keep an eye on the future. Most people live in their house for five or more years, and a lot can change during that time. Look for a house that will grow with you as you meet new goals. You should also think about how your wedding plans may impact your housing choices. Travel to and from wedding and honeymoon locations can be exhausting for you and your family, so take this into account.

Prioritize a Sense of Community

One thing that many couples fail to consider when finding their future home is their future community. By prioritizing your sense of community, you will be better able to find the perfect home for your future family, even if it only includes you and your spouse. When you think about it, your house serves as a place that you go when you are not doing other things. Many couples make the mistake of simply looking at a house and overlooking the rest of the community. When you look at new homes, check for signs of a strong community mindset in the area. For instance, you may want access to a local club with a golf course where you can mingle with your new neighbors.

Explore the Nearby Schools and Amenities

Another important thing to do when looking for a post-wedding home is to explore the nearby schools and other amenities like museums and parks. If kids are in your future, then you need to know that there is a strong educational system nearby. You may also want to look at gyms, parks and walking trails as well. Finding things to do in a neighborhood could easily become the deciding factor in where you choose to settle down.

Visit the Neighborhood at Different times of the Day

After you get your list narrowed down, try visiting the house during different times of the day to see what is going on. For instance, you may love seeing families outside walking around the neighborhood, or you may find that the traffic gets overwhelming in the evening. Getting different views of what life will be like where you live is important for making sure that you are happy in the house.

Chat with Potential Neighbors

Finally, take a little time to mingle yourself. Talking to your potential new neighbors helps you to get insights into a house that you won’t get during a typical home tour. They may be able to tell you about exciting events that are happening soon, or they may be willing to give a few tips on the local utility services.

Life as a newlywed is exciting. While it might be hard to imagine what your future holds, you can make decisions today that influence your happiness in the upcoming years. Buying a house is a big decision, and looking at how each one fits into your lifestyle helps you to feel confident when you sign those final papers.

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