Ready to Pop the Question? 4 Preparations for the Perfect Proposal

Popping the question is a huge moment in any relationship. It is not, however, something that's always best done spontaneously. If you are thinking about proposing, you should put in some effort to make it memorable. Below are four of the preparations that you should make to ensure that you have the perfect proposal.

Know Your Partner

Perhaps the most important bit of preparation you're going to do is sitting down and thinking about your partner. It's vital that this proposal isn't a complete surprise - if you aren't fairly confident that your partner will say 'yes,' you might not have the timing right. You also need to think about what kind of proposal your partner wants from you so that he or she will feel comfortable when you get down on one knee.

Get the Ring

Your next step is to procure an engagement ring. Engagement rings come in more styles, sizes, and price ranges than you might know, so try to spend some time shopping. Ideally, you should know at least a bit about what your partner likes. If not, it might be time to talk to a trusted friend or family member to help you find the right ring.

Set the Stage

Setting the stage is vital here. If you are planning a public proposal, make sure that you contact the venue in which you are going to propose so that all of the parts are in place. If you are planning something more intimate, go ahead and set things up yourself. Taking care of the little things will help your proposal to go more smoothly and to become much more memorable.

Come up With a Plan B

Finally, make sure you have a Plan B in your back pocket. If your partner isn't in a good mood, if something happens at the location or there's an unexpected problem, you don't want to scramble for a new idea at the last moment. Try to think about what you'll need to do if you are not able to propose at the time and place that's right for you in order to reduce your overall stress level.

Remember, this is absolutely a big moment for both of you. importantly, though, it's also one that you both need to cherish in the future. Do your planning, but make sure that you still get to live in the moment. Make this proposal something you'll always remember fondly.

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