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5 Tips for Ordering Blooming Floral Arrangements

Ordering flowers is a classic way to surprise loved ones in your life. If you’re planning on having them delivered, you will want to ensure that you are getting what you paid for and surprise your loved one with the perfect arrangement. These are 5 tips to keep in mind when ordering floral arrangements.

Check Reviews

Always check the reviews before ordering. Flowers are very delicate so you’ll want your vendor to be reputable. People will often describe how accurately their flowers matched their expectations as well as the condition they arrived in.

Order in Advance

If you wait to order at the last minute, the delivery may be extremely expensive or even impossible. If you are planning on sending flowers on a popular date such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, the delivery may be difficult to schedule within a couple of days of the holiday. Ordering in advance will often make the delivery affordable and hassle-free. Save yourself a headache and some money by ordering early.

Keep the Theme in Mind

This is a simple thing that a lot of people forget to be mindful about. You may want to recreate an amazing picture you saw on Pinterest, but you should keep your theme, budget, season, and location in mind. Flowers from memories may be a nice touch as well. Maybe your wedding colors are purple, your favorite flowers are lilies, and you want to incorporate them. Remember you may not find your favorite flowers in those colors. However, you may be able to get accent flowers in your colors and your fave flower in a neutral color. Whatever flower you get you should ask how they get them. Refrigerated transport will make sure that they are fresher than if they get to your florist otherwise.

Delivery Details

If you are having the flowers delivered to someone, you need to be mindful as to where the person is and what they might need. You don’t want to surprise someone at work with a floral arrangement that needs immediate water and have them scrambling to get some water in an old coffee cup. Many companies will offer vases as an add-on item which is perfect for helping someone get their flowers right into the water they need. You can offer them the arrangement and something to display them in. You covered all your bases and ensure that your loved one can show off the arrangement you chose for them.


Many people appreciate fragrant flowers. Inquiring about making the floral arrangements fragrant can make a big difference. People love when the beautiful and natural smells fill a room.

Whether or not it’s for a special occasion, your loved one will love the floral arrangement no matter what you choose. However, be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure that they really feel special.

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