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5 Style Secrets Every Groomsman Should Know

Guys, it’s your buddy’s big day. With all the stress he’s got on his shoulders, the last thing you want to do is let him down, sartorially or otherwise. It’s not just about looking good for potentially cute party attendees! With that in mind, there are a few things you should know before you really get down to business.

Go with the Thematic Flow

Not everyone has a themed wedding, but everyone will definitely have a theme. It might be something as simple as a particular shade of blue, or something more along the lines of a renaissance faire—whatever it is, find out, and go with it. This is about showing up in what your boy needs you in, whether it’s tights and pantaloons or a cadet blue tie and socks. And yes, you can totally ask whoever’s in charge of organization for suggestions if you have no idea where to find anything you might need to wear.

Sock It to Them

Funky socks are trending right now, and if your groom’s planning on staying subdued, see if you can sneak in a little more of his wild side via footwear. Either go for crazy color combos he likes or find socks that represent his individual interests—either way, you’ll be rocking your sock game for a very good cause.

Join Coordination Nation

Forget matching. Matching can be a little tacky, sometimes, and that’s the absolute last thing you want to be, today of all days. Instead, talk with the bridesmaids and figure out what they’re planning to wear so you can coordinate. Whether it’s an accessory matched to the color of their dresses (like a pocket square or tie), or boutonniere that matches the bouquets, you’ll still help to present a more unified appearance and take your style game to the next level.

Mix and Match-ish

Two seconds after coordination and we’re telling you to mix it up! This is for a good reason, though, trust us. Going with all matching suits might be a sleek way to create a look, but it can get boring after a little while. Instead, consider getting a basic game plan from the groom and figuring out where a little outfit improvisation wouldn’t go too far awry. Just make sure you’re meeting the minimum dress code standards and you’ll be good to go.

It’s Not You Unless It’s You

Cryptic, we know. Think about it like this: If your best bro was showing up for your best day, would you want him to look anything other than his best? If something about the selected suit doesn’t suit you, talk to the groom. It’s more important—for you, and for those good photos—to dress for your body type than it is to be an exact replica of everyone else out there. If you’re worried about the pictures or your smile you should try Invisalign. Make sure your suit is tailored for your body type and you can have a good time.

Before you start seeing the long march down the aisle as its own type of difficult, take these tips to heart, and remember, you’re here to make everyone, including yourself, look really, really good.

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