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6 Fashion Mistakes for Men to Avoid in Weddings

Basically there will be lots of articles present online that will explain what brides should wear and what styles they should follow but no one will tell you about men dressing style on their wedding. Actually there are lots of blunders that men use to make especially at their wedding. So here in this article we are discussing about the dressing tips that men should follow so that they could look stylish and classy.

Wearing a tuxedo in the morning

As we all know there are lots of different options present for a women to wear at her wedding day. But talking about men they only have few options from which he has to select that include wearing a suit, a classy tuxedo or a sherwani obviously you can’t wear wholesale mens jeans. From which if you are planning to wear a tux then you should know that it the outfit that is supposed to wear after 6 p.m.

Not carrying a handkerchief

Next thing that you should prefer to have along with a sherwani or tux, is a handkerchief as it will complete your overall look. Some people suggest it to have a handkerchief with you so that you could take it out for wiping out the tears of your bride. So overall it will give good impact.

Wearing braces and a belt together

You should always be very careful about wearing belt and braces together, obviously we know both of them are meant for the same purpose so it will look odd if we wear both of them together so you should avoid that to look classy and stylish.

Keeping the length of trousers too long

Another thing that you should avoid is to wear long length trousers at your wedding day, as it will look odd so that’s why prefer to wear trousers that just touches your shoelaces. It should be tailored from some good place because if it will be tailored from unexperienced person then it will spoils your complete look.

Fastening all the buttons of your coat

Whenever you wear a suit always keep in mind that you don’t have to close all the three buttons of your coat as it will look odd, so always prefer to close jus one or two buttons while you are standing and you should open them up before you sit with the bride so it will be easy for you and you look relaxed and comfortable.

Wearing light colored suits for the evening functions

If you are having a wedding function in the evening then it will be perfect to opt for a dark shades for suiting just like blacks, dark browns, grey and blue. Basically dark shades at night will make you look classy and graceful. On the other hand if you have your wedding function in the day light then it will be better if you wear light color suits. Just light brown, light grey, or other light shades as they will make you look graceful.

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