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Going from Beginner to Pro - 4 Makeup Tricks for Young Girls

If you want to apply makeup in the best way then you need to learn the makeup techniques and keep on improving them. Learning the makeup skill is all about trial and error. When you are learning the makeup techniques you cannot ask how long does it take to become an esthetician because there is no time frame. If you want to be good at applying makeup then you need to understand that practice is critical and you r willingness to learn determines how quickly you can improve.

You need to learn the function of every beauty product that you will be using. Here are a few makeup tricks that you should learn if you want to move up the makeup skill from beginner to a pro.

Get the right primer:

If you want the foundation and primer to blend in then you need to choose carefully. The primer and the foundation should complement each other. If they do not have the same base then it will start to slide off the face and it will look like a disaster. If you are finding it hard to blend the foundation then they are not the right pair.

Applying foundation:

Learning to apply the foundation in the best is a basic skill that you need to learn if you want to be any good makeup artist. If you are looking for a sheer coverage then you should use the fingers to apply the foundation but if you want to get full foundation coverage then you need to use a foundation brush.

The foundation should always be applied with downward strokes. There is a thin layer of hair on the face and if you apply the foundation with upward strokes then it will make the hair stand out.

Perfect use of concealer:

The concealer is an important beauty product when it comes to the makeup. It is important that you apply the concealer perfectly. The best technique for applying the concealer is to do it in a semi-circular pattern under the eyes. It will allow you to get rid of the puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Another technique of applying the concealer is to apply it in a conical pattern. Start the conical pattern under the eyes and it should be extended to the end of the nose. It will not just do a better job of concealing and it will also help in contouring the nose.

Know the focal points:

You do not always have half an hour to apply the makeup so if you want to have the skills of a professional makeup artist then you need to make sure that you learn to work quickly. You should be able to get a fresh look in minutes before you go to work or college. You should just learn the focal points when you are running late. Take a brush and dab the concealer under the eyes, apply some foundation, a little blush on and your favorite lipstick and you are good to go.

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