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Dear Wedding Professional:

It's true that you can't just join a social network, sit back and then reap the benefits. Anyone who thinks that will happen is greatly mistaken. Social networks are just like any social event, conference or meeting - you have to make an active effort to be social and to network. From there, you'll reap the rewards. And as I mentioned in my blog last week, the most important thing about social media is the human element. So, here are just a few suggestions, so that you can personally gain from BridalTweet members who are vendors.  If this seems overwhelming at first, just pick one or two suggestions to try.  And I also suggest that you bookmark this page for future reference: 


  1. Get free marketing.  You can have your full blog post appear front and center on our homepage. This will give you a chance to be in the spotlight.  Learn More.
  2. Exchange website links. If you want to exchange links with other wedding vendors, list your link in our Wedding Vendor Link Exchange Group. This Group currently has over 1,000 members.
  3. Get More Facebook Fans. Get the word out by posting your fan page information in our Facebook Fan Pages Group. This Group currently has over 1,400 members.
  4. Encourage vendors to post your messages on Twitter. We all know how powerful word of mouth advertising can be, especially when it comes to Twitter. If you'd like others to tweet about your blog post, contest or sale, then list it in our Twitter This Please Group. This Group currently has over 640 members.


BONUS! You can also visit our free library of over 50 articles on how to market your wedding business better and more efficiently!


Those are just a few suggestions on how to really utilize the power of BridalTweet. There are definitely other ways to be active and to promote your services for free at BridalTweet. Do you have any tips to share about networking with vendors either at BridalTweet or on other social networks? Please comment below and share your best practices.

About This Blog: Christine Dyer is the Creator and Founder of BridalTweet. Christine has an MBA in marketing and shares over ten years of marketing expertise with the wedding community. In this weekly blog, you'll find advice on an array of wedding business topics such as how to market to brides, social networking, wedding PR, wedding sales, vendor networking, branding, pricing and much more. Please pass this news along to your own professional wedding network. To receive this advice in your email inbox each week,
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