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7 Tips on Finding the Right Wedding Florist

Most people when they think about their dream wedding have a number of floral arrangements in that dream, from table centerpieces at the reception after, arrangements where the wedding is taking place to the bridal bouquet and more. Some people want extravagant arrangements full of floral scents and bright colors, some want something more elegant and traditional. Whatever your dream wedding might include, wedding flower arrangements Toms River, and a good wedding florist Jersey Shore are usually an essential part of it.

  • All florists have their own style and skills, some are going to suit your own dream and preferences more than others. All florists with experience at weddings should have photos of work they have done in the past. If there is a lot of traditional work and you want something more unique, or you have seen really modern work in magazines you want to copy, then it makes sense to find a florist that can better show you something different.
  • A good wedding florist is not just about beautiful bridal bouquets Toms River and beyond. Some can offer other services like wedding planning, table cloth linen rentals, lighting customized on each table. That can save you time thinking of those details.
  • An experienced florist should be able to answer questions and offer their help. They likely have more experience than you do in all things wedding! If the flower you want represented at the wedding is out of season, for example, they should be able to offer alternatives. If you have a smaller budget they should still be able to provide lovely wedding flower arrangements Toms River and elsewhere.
  • They should be able to guide you to make better decisions on flower choices according to the time of year and demand as well. For example, having red roses at your wedding if it is around Valentines Day when those flowers are in huge demand is going to be expensive. You could change the flower, change the date of the wedding or accept the high cost.
  • Another service a good professional florist should be able to offer are safe edible flowers for your wedding cake, should you want them. There are edible blossoms the florist could send to your wedding cake baker, or they could decorate the cake with non-edible but pesticide-free flowers and move them when it comes time to eat the cake. This would cost you less money too on having hundreds of sugar flowers handcrafted.
  • When it comes to bridal bouquets Toms River you tend to get what you can pay for. Top florist NJ designers are as sought after and costly as top regular designers. Be prepared to pay premium prices for the best. Keep in mind too that not all florists are wedding floral designers.
  • Some florists will offer to move the flowers at the ceremony to the reception area for an additional fee. Talk to them if you want guests to be able to take arrangements home in case there is a charge for the vases etc. They can also advise you on how to properly look after the bouquets and the arrangements.

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