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How To Plan A Budget Wedding Without Emptying Your Bank Account

Indian weddings are usually celebrated with pomp or splendour. However, what is the use of spending so much money on superficial things when we can utilise the money for other more important things in our future. Also we should always plan things according to our budget even if it is our wedding. Don’t get carried away with emotions and exceed your budget blindly by getting attracted to the luxury wedding venues in India. Here is what you can do to plan a budget wedding:

  1. Plan in advance

This is the most important step. Make a detailed plan including everything. You need to have everything written in your diary. From your smallest to biggest expense, you need to write everything down and then think of ways how you can minimize these expenses. Often we take a rough idea in our mind which seems possible but after the expenses we always end up spending more than our budget. So, writing down everything will bring clarity and you can analyse how much you are spending and where.

Another benefit of planning and booking in advance is that you can get heavy discounts with earlier booking as mostly last moment booking is extremely expensive. So by planning and booking in advance you can actually help yourself a lot in saving money.

  1. Fix A limit to every expense

Make different categories where you are going to spend your money for the wedding arrangements. For example, venue, caterer, florist, gold jewellery, outfit shopping, gifts, DJs, performers, etc. After doing this fix a limit to every category or divide your budget wisely among all these categories. This will help you to make arrangements within your budget. You will know exactly what to spend where and if it is exceeding your budget then you can go to another vendor for the same. It may also happen that you are getting a discount on a particular category which you can use for another category which needs a higher budget. So, this is a smart way of planning.

  1. Finding avenue near your home

If you choose a venue which is too far from your home then you might have to book some transport for your guests. This might just add up to your total expense and is an unwanted expense which can be saved. Try to look for a venue which is close to your home. Apart from saving money, it will also save you some precious time.

  1. Shop from off season sale

If you know your wedding has been fixed for a date which is 9 months later then you can make your shopping list in advance and gain benefit from the off season sale. You can get stuff at 50-80% off on such season sale which is a great deal. So look out for such sales and save a lot of money for your own shopping or for shopping gifts for your guests.

  1. Manage the flower expense

Flowers are a must in a wedding and you cannot ignore them in your wedding decoration. However, by planning the appropriate amount of flower decoration you can save a lot. Plan the decoration smartly and arrange flower decorations only at the visible places. So instead of just stuffing flowers here and there use them wisely to make the most of them. Also, ask for those flowers which are in season rather than those which are off season as the seasonal flowers will be much cheaper than the off season flowers. \

  1. Make your guest list carefully

I am sure you are so happy about your wedding that you want to invite all the people whom you know. However, you should make your guest list carefully and call only those people to your wedding who actually are an important part of your life and who feel the same about you. There is no point of inviting such people who are only there to judge the arrangements and other guests at the wedding.  

  1. Buy from wholesale markets\

You are going to need a lot of stuff in your wedding and mostly a lot of times. So instead of buying them from retail shops,  buy them from wholesale markets which will give you a discount for shopping in bulk. Also look for specific markets where you can get a particular item on discount. This way you can save a lot of money while shopping.

Make the best wedding arrangements without emptying your bank account!

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