7 Tips to Choose the Best Indian Wedding Invitations

Tying the knots in India isn’t a child’s play. You have to be on toes arranging things the whole day. Poor toes! Go online and give them some time to relax.  Online shopping can abate the wedding stress manifolds, there isn’t anything that can’t be purchased online now and one of the biggest headaches in wedding is that of the Wedding cards. Physically traveling to stores is seriously a very hectic task that everyone wants to get rid of. So be smart and act cunningly before purchasing your Unique Wedding Cards, to help you in making better choices here are a few tips:

1) Be clear with your thoughts

Before reaching out to anyone, first of all decide what kind of wedding card are you expecting for the wedding. Do a proper brainstorming about the wedding card’s style, colors, theme and pattern that you are expecting to see on the card. And once you are through take the step forward and start you hunt for a reputable online dealer of wedding invitation.

2) Finding a reputable online dealer

“A coin has two sides” while internet shopping has some pros it also carries with it some cons as well. The increasing cases of fraud and cyber crimes have left us all in a hot water. Finding a trustworthy and reliable dealer will definitely require your attention. Read the terms of service and terms of condition before hammering the deal. A Secret tip would also be to read the customers reviews and if you find them genuine, authentic and up to the mark then proceed for the next step.

3) Are you getting the option of customization?

There are numerous wedding websites who offer the option of customization so read the details on the site if they are rendering you customization. Just communicate your concept and requirements to the vendor and the Indian wedding cards dealer will convert your ideas into reality. Customized wedding invitation are in trend make sure you grab it for your wedding too.

4) Have a telephonic conversation

Having a telephonic conversation with the dealer keeps you assured about the authenticity and furthermore strengthens the customer-owner relation. But if the number provided on the company’s website doesn’t exist, I would recommend you to switch on another tab where you can get some genuine wedding card vendor.

5) Check for the availability of discounts and offers

In physical stores the tag of “Fixed Rate” often irritates the customer but when you buy online, you enjoy the plethora of offers and discounts. And who doesn’t want more? Fix the deal which fits well in your budget and also at the same time suffice your desired wedding stationery requirements.

6) Ask for a sample wedding invitation card and analyze the quality factors

You are paying the bills; of course you have the complete rights to check the deal comprehensively. Ask your dealer to send a sample wedding invitation and determine the paper quality, font type and color class. If the card succeeds in meeting your expectations go ahead otherwise don’t mind taking a back foot.

7) Finally Final!

So now it’s the time to place the orders! The thumb rule says ordering 10% extra of what you actually need. Therefore, it’s good and advisable to get some extra Indian Wedding Cards for the wedding so as to avoid any complexities and rush in the eleventh hour.

Wish you a hustle free online shopping!

Author Bio:

Mr. Atul Gupta is the co-founder of 123weddingcards. He is having years of experience in wedding card designing and have expertise in writing wedding card related blogs. His online portal contains latest collection of wedding invites with amazing designs. He is passionate about his services.

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