7 wedding exit ideas that will give Goosebumps of fun!

Traditional or contemporary, every wedding celebration calls for amazing wedding ideas if you want to make it memorable forever and it takes a lot of planning and patience to set everything right for your wedding. While you could easily find a great wedding inspirations for almost every detail of the wedding, it is difficult to find great and unique ideas for wedding exits. From streamers to sparklers, we have collected some of the wow-worthy exit ideas that can work for you.

1. Ring the bell

One of the unique wedding exit ideas is keeping vintage bells in your wedding reception.

They would serve two purposes at the same time. On the table, they will impart unique charm and during the exit, they will sound sweet to make it big.

2. Bubbly charm

Channel your inner child and make it amazingly beautiful with the help of bubbles.

Ask your wedding guests to blow cute bubbles when you are making an exit from your wedding venue.

3. Light it up

Wedding exits at night can be really interesting and fun. While you have the option of using torches to glow the exit pathway, the greatest idea is to send off wish lanterns in the sky during the exit.

4. Soft touch

Rice is the traditional thing that was used in olden days.

It is still widely popular due to affordability but, you can try the soft feathers instead to make your exit grand and beautiful.

They are easy to clean and beautiful to feel.

5. Spread the hearts

Not literally! We are simply asking you to get some beautiful and colorful heart-shaped paper cut-outs along with colorful confetti.

Mix both of them and let your wedding guests spread the hearts everywhere when you make the grand exit.

 6. Pomp show

Pompoms are always a trendy and cute way to make unique wedding exits.

Hand out colorful cheer proms and flags to your wedding guests and ask the guests to wave them during your exit to encourage the nostalgia.

7. Fly high

Do you remember how to make paper airplanes?

If you do, you can DIY your unique wedding exit idea. Start folding colorful papers into cool paper airplanes and let your guests fly them when you are making an exit.

Wedding exit is necessary to make an entry into a new, romantic and more blissful life.

With our creative ideas, make it grand to make it memorable forever.

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Comment by Greg Williams on September 5, 2019 at 1:38pm

Beautiful, love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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