8 Boudoir Themes: All You Need to Know

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When it comes to your boudoir session, most of us look for doing something different. Why be yourself when you can be the character or opt for the theme that you have always wanted? Be it the geeky nerd or the subtle look, you can go for anything that you want to. The option is endless. Celebrate your vivacious sexuality and sensitive sensual side with a terrific theme.

So here are a few ideas for you. You can, of course, think out of the box. You should also take suggestions from your chosen Sacramento Boudoir Photographer.

If you want to try something extreme, then you can go for a full gothic theme. Black is the color of this theme so make sure you pick your clothes and do your makeup right. This is a trending theme but then not all women have the personality to go for this.

You can also go for the popular pinup style. You would be able to play a lot around this theme. It is fashionable and glamorous. I have had clients in the past who have opted for this theme.

I think one of the most common themes is the nerdy geek. It is sexy, you can play with so many props and the outcome would be fabulous if you do it right. Make sure you go for subtle makeup and pick a fun prop like a ruler, a pair of glasses, books, etc.

You can go for a nature theme as well. You can either travel to the countryside or just bask in the sun in your garden. You would feel so much better after you pose all sexy out in the open. It would give you the right kick of self-confidence which you might have lost in the long run. Play with your hair, let the wind touch your face, use props like branches, twigs, or flowers, and make the most of the theme. A floral tiara is also the right kind of accessory for this kind of shoot.

Let your inner bad girl be the center of your shoot! Embrace all the dark things and be a rebel. Be mysterious in the shoot and pose all sex in front of the camera. Ditch the fancy lingerie for a black corset, thigh-high sock, fishnets, boots, etc. Make sure you look enticing in the pictures.

If you just love the super glam look, then pose like a classic diva. You can opt for a pair of red bra and panty, or silk robes, etc. Just make sure you look high profile and yes, do not forget that classic red pouts. Get your makeup done by a professional. And yes, wear your red-bottom stilettos as well.

If subtle is your way, then nude lips, a soft, cozy sweater, and a cute pair of undies can do the trick for you. Sometimes, I have also seen women sporting their fav hockey or baseball team’s jersey. Lounge on a couch and get photos that would take the breath away of the onlooker.

If you love the country girl theme, then it is time to pick chiffon tunics, some cute hats, a nice sundress, and yes, leather boots! This is again one of my personal favs.

So these are a few ideas for you to try.

From the burlesque style to cyberpunk – you name it, you have it. Just make sure you pick the clothing accordingly. It is also important to practice the poses from beforehand so that you look terrific. You should feel beautiful while practicing these poses so that the Boston Boudoir Photographer can shoot your captivating side.

To know about the best boudoir photographer out there, kindly read my other blogs and articles. I would be happy to help you.

Author Bio: Alex, a Sacramento Boudoir Photographer, writes on boudoir themes. To choose the best Atlanta Boudoir Photographer and Boston Boudoir Photographer, read his other blogs and articles.

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