Am I a Coupe or Martini Glass Bride? Audrey Hepburn Hollywood vision is now a reality.

Coupe or martini wedding cocktail glass,,,  what best reflects me and my wedding?
You’re now considering your wedding tableware, Cocktails on wedding tables.
Audrey Hepburn Hollywood vision is now a reality.
 However, the thought of wedding guests spilling cocktails all over their wedding dance floor may fill any bride with dread, but don’t just chalk it up to ‘clumsy wedding guests’ 
Chances are, their glass-holding technique was all wrong. 
Sweet Cocktail Bouquet can now make your Hollywood wedding vision real with coupe or martini cocktail glasses on your wedding tables and there's no need for you and your wedding guests to make  that long walk to do it.
However, if you're still not yet convinced, read on,,,
Just as the martini cocktail glass enhances the taste of a Sweet Cocktail Wedding Bouquet. Holding your martini cocktail glass correctly will not only make it taste better, it will also make your wedding day album look even more special.
It’s true, martini glasses are extremely inconvenient to carry around and that long walk back from the bar to the wedding table, makes the carrying of martini glasses virtually impossible, especially when wearing a pair of high heels.
If this has not been a wedding day thought, then spare a thought for the waiters who have an equally difficult walk to your wedding tables and some of them wear high heels too.
However, there is another solution. The coupe cocktail glass is easier to carry and therefore less likely to spill, its design is far more suitable when walking around than the martini glass.
While the martini glass with its slender base and voluptuous symmetry may look beautiful, it can be a little awkward to walk round with. But there is at least some reasoning behind its beautiful design.
The wide mouth increases the surface area of the cocktail, allowing the drink to aerate and waft its aromas directly to the nose. 
Rather than cupping the bowl of the glass in your hands, hold the stem of the martini glass. Just to be safe and to give it the Hollywood glitz, palm the base with your other hand.
Your wedding cocktail table glassware reflects you, so to the question you should be asking yourself is, am I coupe or martini glass bride?  


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