Bachelor Party Bash: 4 Ideas for a Great and Memorable Experience

The bachelor party is a joyous part of the joyous occasion of a wedding. It’s time for the groom-to-be to enjoy the waning days and nights of bachelorhood with his best buds. So, how do you make your bachelor party memorable? Here are some ideas:

The Scotch Tasting Party

Yes, bachelor parties have a reputation of being a bit rowdy with the potent potables flowing freely. But what about indulging in some seriously good scotch for a tasting party? That means brands such as Glenmorangie Signet, a 25-year-old Glenfarclas, a 10-year-old Laphroaig and a 15-year-oldGlenDronach Revival, which many connoisseurs consider the best scotch with its bouquet of cedar and cherry cordials. Serve freely in tots glasses of the finest cut crystal. If part of your bachelor bash goal is getting drunk, you couldn’t be classier doing it.


Paintball is as messy and fun as everyone says it is. Make sure that the place where you are planning to stage your war allows paintball in the first place then make sure that your guests know the rules and are properly attired. This doesn’t have to be boring. You and your guests can dress up as zombies and go on a zombie hunt. Another fun thing about the zombie paintball hunt is that it often uses glow-in-the-dark paint.

Limo Rental

Using limo rental for the night is just the thing if you and your gang are spreading out your bachelor party over several venues. We’re talking a real, ritzy stretch limo or two depending on the size of your party. This limo not only has room for a tall man to stretch his legs but a well-stocked bar, bottled water, snacks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, chargers, and a plasma screen TV. Some tips are to make sure that the limo company is insured, that you book the limo well in advance and that you take a look at the limo before you sign any contract. Make sure it’s pretty, spotless and has all the amenities the company says it does.

The Casino

Even if you’re not a gambler, your bachelor party is time to splurge a bit and head for the casino near you. If you’re cautious, you can buy a package deal where everyone gets a roll of quarters to waste on the one-armed bandit. In case you or some of your guests don’t want to be more adventurous than that, get a package that includes entertainment and meals. Meals at casinos are astoundingly inexpensive.

Your bachelor party bash should be fun and memorable. It should be so memorable that you’ll show the photos, or at least the less embarrassing ones, to your grandchildren. There’s a treasure trove of activities to choose from, so (depending on your budget) go for it.

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