How to Make Your Wedding Night Extra Special for Your Spouse

Your first night as husband and wife should be memorable, especially for your partner. The first night and morning can set the tone for the whole marriage, so start off on the right foot with these tips on how to make your wedding night extra special for your spouse.

Gift Them With Sexy Sleepwear

Before the wedding, prepare sexy attire for your new spouse. You can either shop with your partner or give them money to shop on their own and surprise you. The clothing should make your spouse feel great, while also making them look especially desirable. In most cases, the wardrobe will consist of lingerie, a robe, and heels. Of course, all couples are different. Keep your mind open to the possibilities.

Get a Romantic Hotel Suite

Setting plays a large role in the experience of sharing your first night together as a married couple. You need a comfortable place with a large bed. You also want to include a luxurious element outside of your typical bedroom. To accomplish these things, pick a romantic hotel suite for your wedding night. Some hotels, like 7 Gables Inn, a Tribute Portfolio hotel, knows how important this is.Suites provide ample room and that added bit of elegance you want for your honeymoon.

Set the Mood

While the honeymoon suite will help immensely, you should still put some effort into establishing a sexy and loving ambiance with the help of wine, flowers, candles, and music. Prepare to have everything ready upon your arrival so that you don't end up rushing to the liquor store for champagne when you should be spending quality time with your new spouse.

Don't Forget the Simple Pleasures

Your wedding night comes with a lot of pressure and expectations. It can be overwhelming, especially for a young couple. Furthermore, your first night as a married couple may not take up as much time as you thought - what else do you do for the rest of the night? Consider bringing snacks, comfortable sleepwear, and video games or cards. Sure, you want to keep things sexy, but sometimes the sexiest moments involve vegging out with the one you love while comfortable.

Your partner deserves everything, especially on your wedding night. While you may not be able to provide them with everything you feel they deserve, you can use these steps to make your wedding night memorable and romantic.

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