1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. Dead skin cells can stop the skin
from absorbing skin care such as lotions and creams. Avoid the eyes when
exoliating. An affordable exfoliant is a wash cloth with warm water, and
your favorite cleanser 2 x weekly.

You makeup will look flawless!

2. Eye Cream 2 x a day. Many brides complain about concealer cracking up
around the eyes which can look aging. To avoid the dry look a hydrating eye
cream is key. Be sure to use your ring finger to apply the cream, which is
best for the delicate eye area.

3. Sleep on Satin! Many brides are Kim Khardashian obsessed! Kim know
something many brides do not know. Sleeping on satin is great for skin and
hair. Cotton can rob skin and hair of moisture. Satin also does not pull
skin and hair. The result of softer, shinier skin and hair.

All eyes on you means you want to brighten your smile. Crest White strips
are a great affordable option, also use a straw for wine and coffee.

5. Tan
For the true red carpet glow Spray or temporary tanning can be great. It
will make you glow. Many brides love this. If tanning is not for you try a
non shimmer bronzer.

6. Trim
Your hair will look more flawless and easier to work with once you trim
the ends. If you are growing it out and fearful of a big hair cut, ask your
stylist to hand you the comb and use it as a ruler on how much to cut. Go to
a referral or someone you feel comfortable with.

7. Deep Condition Hair
A deep condition will add shine and luster to tresses. Do at least 2 x a
month minimum or 1 a week if possible to get hair trained and healthy.

Hydrating facials are a great way to get skin glowing,fresh. Avoid
picking the skin, ask facialist to avoid digging the pores at the risk of
scaring for the wedding.

9. Airbrush!
So many reason to say yes to Airbrush. Long wearing, smear proof,
transfer proof, tear proof, proofs in the pudding!

10. Gloss
Always have a back up gloss to refresh your look.
The color can be close to your lipstick if you have one.
Its your wedding day you need to always look amazing!

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